Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Must-See For Everyone

"even makes the weather perfect every day"

Monday, May 11, 2009

Economy Blogging

There just hasn't been much time for blogging this year, mostly due to the economic situation. It's really a simple equation: less money = more work = less leisure time.

There are just a few quick things I'd like to say.

Hypocrisy is so prevalent these days that it is nearly impossible to trust anyone. It surprises sometimes me when the honest truth is so hard to find and when honest, truthful words are suppressed or punished even by those who claim to promote them.

There are just flat-out mean people in the world and no amount of empathy or sympathy will help them.

For a large majority of people the more complicated questions of existence are trivial. This is just a fact and not some indictment against anyone or anything. Their time and energy are concerned with survival and living. (And that is why they are sometimes too easily manipulated by the "elites" who want to control them through fear and oppression.)

It is not "anti-science" to acknowledge the social realities and truths of our world. Just because something is sociological in nature does NOT make it less valuable or important. (Unless you live in a cave or other fantasyland and never interact with the real world.)

There is a lot of angst all around these days, but sometimes I doubt that it is really any more than there was at other times in history. There have been much worse times in the world than now.