Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Aeron the Hare

I haven't seen "The Golden Compass" or read the book(s). But Bee had this fun quiz so I had to try it. ;-)

I'm not sure if I'm well matched with Aeron the Hare. But hey, you take what you get, right? ;-) This daemon soul-keeper idea is very similar to shamanic animal spirit guides. Apparently, Aeron is one of 31,748 Hare daemons (so far) in a total daemon population of 853,745.

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Guy said...

It figures that mine was a large cat. Pretty ok psych test there, of course they pulled the usual flattering astrology tricks with their wording. Does anybody ever get a skunk or weasel and "you're a stinky bastard that no one wants around and/or can't be trusted" ??

Still, always fun to use an oracle to plumb the overworld.