Wednesday, November 30, 2005

File under WTF???

Lip Explosion. Yeah, that's right. Lip explosion. I was watching Animal Planet (about man eating tigers, btw) while eating lunch and this commercial came on. Sorry, but whoever named that product needs to get kicked hard in the nuts (and fed to the tigers). In fact, whoever invented that product needs to get kicked hard in the nuts (and fed to the tigers). I'm not about to spend $29.95 to explode my lips. Since when did the just-punched-in-the-mouth look become so desirable?

And with Christmas coming up I'm sure the parents of little girls everywhere are hearing pleas for Bratz Dolls and their many accessories. I've discouraged those and the My Scene Barbies. I grew up playing with Barbies and don't have such an issue with them. But these Bratz and My Scene dolls are ridiculous. I don't want my daughter growing up thinking that she's supposed to have giant, artificially puffed up lips and eyes that look like a really bad facelift. It's bad enough with the traditional Barbies and girls thinking that they are supposed to have giant, artificially puffed up breasts. Whenever we see these weird-looking dolls I mention how creepy they are. But they do make really cute accessories for them though. And at least the Bratz make big feet fashionable.

Regardless, it's just another example of the ideal female form being decided and promoted by some queers in design and marketing departments somewhere. No offense to gays. But I don't agree with the image of femininity that gay men prefer. They seem to want all women to look like drag queens. Sorry, but a real woman doesn't need all that artificial stuff (that a drag queen needs) to look feminine and pretty. And real women have curves that drag queens don't naturally have.

This is my rebellion. I am the younger of two daughters. Traditionally, the baby of the family is the rebel. Much of our lives my sister and I had the opposite roles from the usual birth order stuff. She was the rebel. But now I've found myself living a more rebellious life than she. I don't conform to many of society's expectations. I'm keeping my gray hair. I'm not getting cosmetic surgery. I'm not obsessed with my figure. And I have no desire for lips that look like I've been on the business end of a fist. I'm not injecting a toxic poison into my skin to paralyze my expression lines. I'm not getting silicone balloons put into my chest. I'm not having a huge needle jabbed under my skin to suck out the fat. I'm not having my eyes lasered so I don't have to wear glasses. I'm not bleaching my teeth down to the dentin so that they glow blue-white in the dark. I'm not interested in getting fake nails glued onto my short, real nails. If that makes me a freak then I'll just be a freak.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Because You Asked...

Here are some of the first answers. Keep the questions coming...

Mr g asked: "If the Jews really have all the money, where the hell is my share? I'm feeling left out."

Mr g, are you sure you are really Jewish? I've always thought that you were my long lost brother. And that would make you poor White Trash. lol

Chris asked: "Why can't I think of anything naughty to ask you? ;)"

Chris, maybe you don't really want to know. lol

Kristi asked: "Why is it when I go on a diet, only my husband loses weight?"

Kristi, they sabotage us. They don't want us to look too good because they are insecure.

Kat asked: "Why do I only like my husband when he isn't here?"

Kat, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Sylvana asked: "Why do I always get the 12 letter+ all smushed up word verifications?"

Sylvana, me too! I think blogger likes to play with us that way. Oh, and the pump is broken on the washer. This is the third time it's happened.

Nick Danger asked: "What was the original purpose intended for rubber bands?"

Nick, my first thought was that they were invented to hold those sheep intestine condoms on better, but then I looked it up. Here's what I found...

On March 17, 1845, Stephen Perry of the rubber manufacturing company Messers Perry and Co, Rubber Co Manuf London patented the fist rubber bands made of vulcanized rubber. Perry invented the rubber band to hold papers or envelopes together. (taken from

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Misc.

We had a good Thanksgiving. I'll write more about that soon. But today I'm just putting down some random thoughts.

1. Why doesn't Saddam Hussein wear one of those head dresses like the others on trial with him?

2. My washer is broken again.

3. My throat is getting sore again.

4. A friend was here on Saturday and started singing 'Cherry Pie' by Warrant when she saw one of my plates with a cherry pattern. Not 5 minutes later that song came on the radio. Freaky.

5. Ask me anything. Really. I got the idea from FoxNews. They have a segment called 'Because You Asked.' I will answer any questions fully and honestly to the best of my ability.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


You Are Pumpkin Pie

Even when people are full - they make room for you.
Good or bad, your smell is most likely to arouse a man.

Well, I never have liked pumpkin pie, but I guess it's okay to be one.

For the Holiday...

We're having the big dinner at our house this year. David's looking forward to wowing everyone with his prowess in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to playing hostess. Ask me Friday if I want to do it again. I hope everyone has a great holiday with plenty of good food and fine fellowship (if that's what you want). Safe travels and happy bellies!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Post #250

I'm not sure if that's noteworthy, but hey, there it is. The content of this post is in no way historical or significant. I would love to have posted something terribly interesting and exceedingly witty. Oh, and by the way, Stephen King, in his book On Writing says that adverbs should be nonexistent. He says that you should be able to find one word that expresses the thought of two (an adverb that modifies a verb or an adjective). So instead of writing 'terribly interesting' I should have said 'fascinating' or 'captivating' or 'riveting' or 'gripping' (ooh, grip is a sexy word). And instead of saying 'exceedingly witty' I should have said 'clever' or 'cerebral' or 'sublime'. I suppose King has a point, but I like adverbs. I don't think we should eliminate an entire class of words. That's just wrong. I know that modern writers generally (adverb) try to be economical and not be too (redundant) wordy. This is the day of limited text space so we make shortcuts any way we know how, just to be able (redundant phrase but I'm leaving it for emphasis on the 'able' part) to express our full thoughts in as little space as possible. Well, not me. I'm wordy and proud of it. Give me plenty of space to ramble on and on from one tangent to another. And allow me to use as many redundant and/or trite words as I think it takes to make my point. This is the land of big giant and little tiny and anything that ends in -ly. I love words. If one's good then two's better. And so on. Some things are worth more when they are freely (redundant adverb) given. And obviously (adverb), I love parentheticals too (every little bit of extra explanation helps).

Monday, November 21, 2005

Parlez vous français?

I don't really, but you surely didn't think I'd keep my mouth shut about France and their breakdown. I've never been one to discriminate against or be prejudiced about entire countries or ethnic groups. I just wasn't brought up that way. The only time I start to examine the flaws of someone is when they begin to dissect mine. I'm a live-and-let-live kind of gal. I never really paid much attention to France or the French because they just weren't part of my existence. Pretty much the only French people I'd seen much of were figure skaters. And quite honestly, they didn't impress me much.

There was Surya Bonaly. In the 1994 World Championships she thought she was robbed of a gold medal, so she showed defiance by standing beside the medals platform rather than standing on it. Then Bonaly was coaxed into standing on it, but she removed her medal immediately after being presented with it, to everyone's shock and disapproval. She also rebelled by doing an illegal jump in her program. She was a spoiled, rotten brat.

And then there was Philippe Candeloro. They always talked about how popular he was with the ladies, but I always thought he looked kind of sleazy and stinky, kind of like Pepe Le Peu or something but worse. He was a good skater, just like Bonaly, but they both suffered from excess ego and inconsistent performances. Sounds pretty French to me.

Apparently, to hear the French tell it, setting cars on fire is a national passtime. Well, how can they accuse us Americans of being wasteful? There are many other blogs and articles with much better thought-out and detailed explanations as to why France has lost all of its credibility. But frankly, I never really thought they had much to begin with. They certainly did their share to help us back in the day when we were establishing our independence from England, but even then it was because they thought it was in their best interests.

I do love the Statue of Liberty though, what a lovely gift.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Parental Issues

Well, I've had my sickness induced raunchy fun this week, but it's time to turn to the serious. With all of the Supreme Court nominations and talk these days the abortion issue has become hot again. I don't think that anything I, or anyone else, says is going to make any difference to 95% of the people who have decided one way or the other. The only thing that will change most people's minds on this issue is experience. That being said, I'm still going to say my piece.

When I was much younger and the hypothetical possibility of an unplanned pregnancy was real I was 'pro-choice'. I didn't want anyone telling me what I could do with my body. I was young and selfish and impetuous in my views of the world and how I fit into it. Parental consent was an unknown term to me. If I was going to do something, I was going to do it, usually without my parents knowing anything about it. I never got into any kind of trouble when I was a teenager. I didn't drink or do drugs, but I did like sex. But as far as my parents knew I was still a virginal innocent when I went off to college. At the age of 17 and a half I had a pregnancy scare that they never had a clue about. (I hope my dad never reads this.) I went to one of those pregnancy crisis centers for a free test which they told me was positive. They made me sit through a couple of scary anti-abortion videos before I left. My boyfriend gave me the money for an abortion, and I was 98% sure I was going to go through with it. That other 2% was my conscience telling me that I really didn't want to kill a baby. I was thinking that maybe I could go live with my grandmother in tiny, rural Wartburg, TN, to finish school and have the baby (this was a time when it was still mostly unheard of for pregnant girls to be in school because of the stigma of being an unwed mother; some places even kicked pregnant girls out of school). Well, as it turned out, I wasn't really pregnant and got my period a couple of days later. I suspect that the pregnancy center lied to me about the positive result to put a good scare into me. I gave my boyfriend the money back, and we broke up shortly after that.

My views throughout college remained much the same. I never had another pregnancy scare though. And a couple of girls at college got pregnant and rebelliously decided to be single moms. I say 'rebelliously' because it was still not considered 'appropriate' for young, educated women to have babies out of wedlock. But you have to give them the credit of having the courage to face the consequences of their behavior and not taking the easy way out by having an abortion. In some small way their willingness to accept their responsibilities began my turn to my current position.

This is getting long and away from where I was intending to go, so I'll jump back to my main subject of parental issues.

This morning on FoxNews they were talking about the 'parental consent' issue with abortion. How can anyone argue against parental consent? Oh, there was a guy (sorry I don't remember who) that was throwing around 'incest' and 'abuse' and other inflammatory words to suggest that parental consent laws would put some girls in danger. Bah Humbug! There are already plenty of laws and agencies out there that are supposed to deal with those issues. My problem with these idiots, like this guy, who say that parental consent laws infringe on someone's rights is that they are really the ones who are hurting kids and parents. He even said, when asked 'what about a 14 year old', that well, yeah, that's different from a 17 and a half year old. Excuse me? Do we sell cigarettes to 17.5 year olds or let them vote, just because they are 'practically' 18? NO! I HATE that kind of inconsistency.

Now let me jump over to another subject that is related in some ways. That 18 year old boy who killed his 14 year old girlfriend's parents apparently grew up in a home full of guns. All of the Second Amendment haters are going to jump all over that, and some will probably try to insist that his parents be held in some way responsible for what happened. Bullshit. The dude is 18. The same people who are against parental consent for abortions are all for blaming parents for their child using a gun in a crime. Even when that child is legally an adult.

Okay, so this is what's wrong. By denying parents the power to decide what kind of medical treatment their daughter can get these 'liberals' are setting up a very slippery slope of taking away what parental authority and/or responsibility there is left. If my child breaks his arm at school they have to have my consent to have it treated. We have to sign papers at the beginning of every school year giving our consent for the school to act in an emergency. You'd think that would be common sense, but in today's litigious environment we have to sign papers for everything for our own and for the school's legal protection. If the doctors have to have my consent to fix a broken arm, they better damn well have to have my consent to do any other kind of medical procedure, including an abortion.

Saying that my 17.5 year old daughter is exempt from getting my consent for an abortion but not for getting her broken arm fixed is ridiculous. These people can't have it both ways. If you take away the parents' rights then you can't turn around and blame them for the problems that their kids get into. You just can't have it both ways. It's just like with the death penalty. To most liberals it's quite alright for a women to kill a baby in her body just because it is inconvenient for her to have it, but it's morally wrong to execute a murderer, even a child murderer like that Smith guy in Florida. PEOPLE!! Get it straight. Be consistent. Make sense.

(The point of my sharing my pregnancy scare story was to show that I know exactly how teenage girls think about this issue. They don't want to face the serious consequences of their actions. They want to take the easiest way out. They don't want to have to tell their parents that they are in trouble. I know that. I've been there. But I also know that their reasoning is flawed and immature, and that's why they are still considered children and under the 'control' of their parents.)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ongoing Saga...

Okay, so I went back to the doctor last night because my throat was clearly not getting better. The doctor this time was pretty young and quite attractive. I think he was probably about my age since he had about as much gray as I do, but I'm terrible at judging age. He seemed younger than me, and I wanted to ask him how old he was but that just seemed... wrong. In the company of very attractive guys sometimes the speech center in my brain turns to mush and my tongue gets tied in knots so that I have trouble finding the words to say what I'm thinking. And I didn't want to sound rude by just blurting out, 'hey how old are you anyway?' So anyway, he looks at my throat and says, "Your uvula is blistered." Imagine the thought bubble over my head: Oh, but honey, my vulva's not blistered, you wanna check it? I obviously would not have actually said that. LOL

He prescribed a new, broader spectrum antibiotic and said that they would give me a cortisone shot to help with the swelling and inflammation to make me more comfortable. I asked where they would give the shot and he said in the hip. Oh joy, but I was thinking that it would be okay for him to see me bent bare-bottomed over the exam table. Unfortunately, he was spared that sight since the nurse gave the shot. Well, he wouldn't have given me a second look if he wasn't getting paid to, so I shouldn't have imagined that he'd want to take a peek at my nekkid butt. The nurse said that the medicine was thick, which means that it might burn a lot going in. I took a deep breath expecting a bad sting, but it didn't hurt at all. Some nurses are really good at giving painless shots. So I pulled up my pants and got my stuff and left. Dr. Hottie said 'bye and hope you feel better soon.' I just said, "Thanks." But you can imagine what I was thinking....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sick Thoughts

I'm still feeling like crap. This is the worst case of strep throat that I remember ever having. It probably hasn't helped that yesterday I over-exerted myself trying to get some urgent errands taken care of. I can't eat. My throat is still so sore and raw that even a banana makes it burn like salt in a deep cut. But all this trying to rest and watch tv is getting old. When I find myself talking back to the people on tv I know it's time for a little blogging. So here are a few of my sickness induced thoughts.


I'm still going to do a long, in-depth post about this monstrosity at some later time, but I just heard on the news that they are going to start paying for obese TennCare enrollees to go to Weight Watchers. WTF?? Oh, they say it's to try to reduce medical expenses caused by obesity, but come on. It's not like Weight Watchers is too expensive for someone to pay for out of their own pocket if they are really that motivated to lose weight. My mom was a lifelong member. She was never obese, but she didn't like the middle age spread. The cost was never an issue except that it was a bit of an incentive to actually stick with the program since she was paying for it. The fees to join and for the weekly meetings cost less than what most of those people probably spend on beer, cigarettes, potato chips, cookies, or whatever. BTW, TennCare, if you aren't familiar, replaced Medicaid here in 1994 and has bankrupted the state. It was designed after Hillary's healthcare plan.

More Crazy Math

My fourth grader was home sick with strep on Friday. He's all better now, but he has been working on his make-up work. He was doing a math worksheet and asked me to help him. The name of the worksheet was something like "Problem-solving: Guess and Check." He didn't have his math textbook so I couldn't look up what this 'guess and check' method was. One of the questions was something like this: There are two numbers. One is 9 more than the other. Their sum is 45. But it wasn't worded that simply. They used about 6 or 7 sentences to say that. Anyway, you were supposed to use this 'guess and check' technique to find an answer. I told him, "I'm sorry I have no idea what they want with this, go ask Daddy." (I love to say that sometimes, "go ask Daddy," parental buck-passing, lol) I don't know what they decided with it. I'm too sick and tired to think too much about it right now.

Kiss Me Deadly

I love to listen to Jack FM. You can even listen to it online . What I like about it is that it's like someone broke into my house and took all my 'dream' compilation cds. Or they've hijacked my napster playlists or something. I'd say at least 80% of what they play I really love. That's impressive to me. Anyway, I've been listening to it since it started here a few weeks ago. I haven't heard a lot of repeats, though there are a few. One in particular puzzles me. It's Lita Ford's 1988 hit "Kiss Me Deadly". That was never one of my favorites back then, and now it just kind of amuses and perplexes me. I never understood why you would want someone to kiss you deadly. Wouldn't it have made more sense to say, "Kiss me once, kiss me twice, kiss me deeply"? I guess that just doesn't have the same heavy/fluff metal ring to it. Maybe it means something like 'kiss me so that I feel like I've died and gone to Heaven'?

Deadly= Died and gone to Heaven

Well, yeah, I'd say according to today's math that's a true enough statement.

Anyway, right now kissing anyone might be deadly with this horrible, extreme case of strep throat. Hearing that song several times over that last week or so might have been some kind of sign foretelling that I was going to get this deadly feeling in my throat. I told David last night that it felt like I had that flesh eating disease. I took a flashlight and looked at it, and my uvula (not to be confused with vulva) looked like cauliflower. Not real appealing, eh?

Oh, come on, kiss me once, kiss me twice, kiss me deadly! (hey, I did call this post 'Sick Thoughts')

Monday, November 14, 2005

"Out Sick"

Blogging will probably be pretty light this week. I've got a real bad case of strep throat and am not up to much of anything. I hope everyone else is well and has a great week. To quote everyone's favorite cyborg:

I'll be back.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


There's a blog I read that pushes my ability to comprehend things sometimes. But today there's a post that really hits home for me. If you are concerned about education and the strange direction that it seems to be taking in many subjects, especially math, then you might appreciate this one:

Math Wars

And for a great piece of political satire, try this:

Letter to France

And one of the funniest things I've EVER seen! Tayster always finds the funniest stuff:

I LOVE William Shatner

And another from tayster's world (this one is perfect for this blog):

What's a Hoe?

It seems many of the bloggers I regularly read are really busy lately. I am too. I'm repainting my living room, finally.

Oh, and a little update on the doctor's office and collections issue. I had decided to go ahead and send the stupid $49.50 check to the collection agency and just forget the whole thing. Well, yesterday it came back in the mail with a note that the doctor's office had requested that the account be closed and any further contact should be directly with them instead of the collection agency. Maybe I should take them off my shit list now? (the 'Bad Seeds, Noxious Weeds, and Pitch Forks' list on the sidebar) Either way, I'm not doing business with them again.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This is funny.

My AOL Horoscope for today:

You Aquarians bring awareness to others to shake up your world now. Even if this isn't your conscious intent, people respond to you today as if you are shocking them with doses of electricity. Be extra cautious and careful or you can quickly stir up too much energy. Your real assignment is to initiate change and make improvements without alarming those around you.

For some reason that cracks me up.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Whisker Biscuits and stuff

On our little roadtrip to Corvette and cave country in Kentucky we saw lots of funny things. One was Interstate "Peep" shows. We didn't go to one, but I did ask David if he wanted to since he kept mentioning them every time we saw a billboard advertising them. I had never seen that kind of thing advertised on billboards. But this was Kentucky.

Then another day we were driving on a 'back' road and I needed to find a bathroom. We stopped at a convenience store. While in the restroom I noticed one of those condom machines hanging on the wall. The sign on it said, "Gentleman's Love Kits." Well, I'd never tried one of those machines before so I figured what the heck. I put my two quarters in it and turned the knob fully expecting nothing to come out. But what did was this:

I might have laughed out loud because when I came out of the restroom the cashier looked at me funny. Maybe they had a hidden camera in there and he saw me get it out of the machine. Or it could have been the mischievous smirk on my face. But when I got to the car I showed it to David and started laughing. I don't think he knew what to think.

I didn't open it. I just put it in my purse and forgot about it. Then the other day I was looking for my lip gloss and found it again. I mashed around on it to try to feel if there was actually something in the box. It felt like a tiny balloon in there.

So this morning I decided to open it and see what exactly it was:

Yeah, that's right, some love kit, huh? If any of us needs a finger condom (blech) then we're covered. But that's the only thing it would cover. I find the whole thing totally hilarious.

Then on Sunday morning in the hotel David turned on the tv and was watching a hunting show. I heard something that I couldn't believe I was hearing. They were talking about "Whisker Biscuits." Excuse me? Did they just say Whisker Biscuits? David just laughed and said yeah, they are arrow rests for bow hunting. If you click that link you can see pictures of several varieties of Whisker Biscuits, and you'll see that they come in different sizes...

Biscuit Size Selection:
Small: Easton ACC, Axis, Slim Carbons and Aluminum shafts up to size 1816

Medium: Carbon shafts with internal components and aluminum shafts 2013 - 2117
Large: Easton Fat Boy and aluminum shafts 2212 - 2317.

Here is the Deluxe Whisker Biscuit QS:

"The Deluxe Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest® is now available with a factory installed Quick Shot Kit. The Quick Shot biscuit will compliment any bow but is perfectly suited to enhance an expandable broadhead setup. The entry slot is tapered to allow quick and easy arrow loading while preventing brush snags when stalking or walking to your stand. The sturdy design means your biscuit will not be bent or twisted and gives you the confidence to know your shot will always be on target! Optional stick-on felt pads are provided for silent arrow loading."

Now, I know nobody wants a twisted or bent biscuit, right? Especially, not their whisker biscuit.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Important Links!

Here are some very important links for parents, grandparents, or anyone who is concerned for children's safety: Enter your address and get a map of any sex offenders in your area. This is the official State of Tennessee site that allows you to search by offender's name, city, county, or zip code.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Brief thoughts...

As opposed to boxer thoughts. Sorry that was really lame.

1. I like Camilla. Why does everyone have to be so mean? So what if she's not a beauty queen? Diana was pretty screwed up, and it just goes to show that outer beauty doesn't guarantee happiness.

2. Check out the hilarious pick-up lines over at suzie's. I don't think I've ever heard any of those. Actually, I can't think of any pick-up lines that I've heard. I'm a little disappointed about that. I don't usually attract that kind of attention when I'm out.

3. I've got to get a bunch of stuff done today. Everyone have a great Friday and weekend!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Magic Carpet Ride

Usually at night, after everyone else has settled into bed, I go into my 'secret room' and listen to music and write or work on artwork. Usually I'll start with the radio to see if anything good is playing. If not, I'll put on a cd. Last night I turned on the radio and the first song I heard was "Mary Jane's Last Dance" by Tom Petty ('last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain'). I thought that was interesting. Then Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" came on. I thought, 'What a funny sequence of songs.' I'm posting those lyrics on the lyrics blog because I really like them even though I never really paid much attention to them before. And then ZZ Top's "Gimme All Your Lovin'" came on, and that one just cracked me up. It's just so 80s, you know? But I have to confess that when those ZZ Top videos came out I wanted to grow up and be one of those trashy girls. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any funnier Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" came on. When I heard 'Lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp' I thought, 'wow, whoever put all these songs together is funny.' I have to say that "Pour Some Sugar" is probably one of the most pornographic songs that's been widely popular. 'I'm hot, sticky sweet'? That's nasty! 'You gotta tease a little, squeeze a little, tease a little more'? Whoa! 'You got the peaches, I got the cream'? That sounds like a scene out of 9 1/2 Weeks. Nasty, nasty, nasty! But I love it! LOL Talk about a magic carpet ride. Then "Magic" by the Cars came on. 'I know you're getting twisted And you can't calm down'? Yeah, really. I had about as much as I could take so I decided to put on a nice soothing cd so I'd be able to get to sleep later.

Who comes up with those playlists anyway?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Comet the Spider

Have you ever watched a spider run across an entire room? They run, run, run just as fast as their eight little legs will go. But they'll only go a few feet and then stop for a few seconds and then take off again. Don't you think they are stopping to catch their breath? Surely bugs and spiders have metabolic limits like we do. And I wonder if that metabolic threshold varies by individual like ours do. Sometimes you can see bugs breathing if you watch their abdomens. They expand and contract just like ours do when we breathe. I've never noticed the way spiders breathe though.

I've been dreaming about spiders so much this whole year. And especially in the last few months I've dreamed about this same spider. I missed my 'extra hour' of sleep on Saturday night because I was dreaming about this spider and woke up because it surprised me by jumping on me in the dream. I actually screamed out loud (and woke up David too, but he fell back to sleep). The clock said about 5:30 am, but it was really an hour earlier because I hadn't reset the clocks yet. I couldn't get back to sleep so I just got up and made some coffee and watched tv.

In that dream this spider had built a huge web all across the living room ceiling. Every time I came into the room it would run towards me, like it recognized me. This had been happening in some previous dreams. In this one someone (can't remember who now) was there with me, and I was telling them about this spider's behavior. I was telling them that I've named it 'Comet' because it runs so fast, and that is when it jumped on me. I don't think I screamed from fear but from surprise.

Then Monday night I dreamed about Comet and three other spiders. Comet is a large orb weaver. One of the other spiders was just like him but a little smaller. The other two were writing spiders. They were fighting, and it looked like Comet and his friend were winning. But it was hard to tell. And they were hissing, but I think that is purely fictional. There may be hissing spiders somewhere in the world, but I've never seen or heard one hissing in 'person'. I can't remember any more of that particular dream.

I told David about it, but he said it doesn't mean anything. I just can't accept that. I've been dreaming about spiders all year, and this is something new. I just don't believe that it means nothing. The dreams have escalated in intensity and in the spiders' proximity to me. I've looked up in some 'dream dictionaries' what spider dreams might mean, but I'm not sure those meaning apply to me. I wish I could tell Carl Jung about it and see what he would say.

What's Your Design Style?

This is a fun little quiz from Thomasville furniture:

My result:

Your Design Definition is "romantic". In your home, you love to surround yourself with antiques, books, pieces that bring back memories and lots of black-and-white photos of family. Your tub has feet and your bed has four posters. Your favorite part of preparing for a dinner party is mixing pieces from your different china sets and lighting all the candles. When you travel, you like to stay in bed-and-breakfasts or small inns, and you always find the perfect, out-of-the-way restaurant that is tourist-free. Work with your Thomasville associate to discover pieces in the Ernest Hemingway(R) Collection from Thomasville that reflect the old-world European romance of Paris and Venice. The elaborate carvings and decorative metals on these pieces will add a touch of whimsy and romance to any room.

But actually, I would describe my style as more eclectic or even exotic. That bed in the picture looks a little too 'delicate' to me. Good for sleeping maybe, but well, you know. Here's one that I like better from the same Ernest Hemingway collection:

I'm not really into too much frou-frou in most rooms. But I do love touches of crystal in unexpected places and mixing old and new.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Just Listed!

I've just listed my blog on blogshares. There's a link on the sidebar just under the TTLB Ecosystem stuff. Honestly, I'm not sure what it all means, but it did recommend that my blog is a good buy right now. Go figure. LOL