Monday, December 07, 2020

Strange Days and the Looming Storms

The world has officially lost its mind. The main culprits are a power-drunk media which has no ethics or other self-regulation and government which works only for itself and not the governed.  These media and government enemies are not limited to one or two nations but are widespread throughout the world.

Here in the USA our media and deep state have been so focused on overturning the will of the people that they failed to accurately report the growing risk of Covid-19. For the last 3 years all we have heard from them is "Russia, Russia, Russia" and similar conspiracy theories of their own creation. Meanwhile, our President has been warning of the dangers of "China, China, China" to the amusement of his critics but he was right all along.  They put him in this impossible position of having to take ridiculous overreaching actions in response to China's mishandling of their own virus outbreak.

I wrote those two paragraphs on March 21, 2020, and now today, December 7, 2020, so many months later they are just as true as ever. 

But now the world is even more insane and violent riots and protests have overtaken several US cities over the summer. Some cities in Oregon seem to be lost to "antifa" and its ignorance and sub-humanity. It is anarchy and the complicit media celebrate having such strife to "report" though they downplay the violence when it serves them. Look up videos of "mostly peaceful protests." It's laughable but it's also terribly disturbing. The media has proven itself so incredibly corrupt that most reasonable people have abandoned hope that it might turn itself around to some semblance of integrity. 

We watched the corruption of the Presidential election in real time. We knew the cheating was going to happen and how it was going to happen, but foreknowledge doesn't matter if those who can do something refuse to do anything. The Republicans have proven themselves as impotent as ever. The "never Trumpers" and RINOS and other establishment (oligarch/deep state/corporatist/etc) players who have made careers and fortunes in government are just as bad as the Democrats. They hated Trump from the beginning because he wasn't one the them and because he promised to break up their stranglehold on our country. 

I have little hope for the future of this country. I wish we could peacefully divorce ourselves from those whose values and priorities diverge so drastically from the founding principles of inherent individual equality and self-determination and responsibility, summed up as "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness." Of course our founders were imperfect men who lived in ways that were inconsistent with our current understanding of equality and so on, but that is not an adequate reason to abandon the basic construct which they created for a "more perfect union" which has resulted in the greatest "experiment" in self-government and freedom in history. 

I've been watching The Crown on Netflix and see so many parallels in the struggles between "progress" and "tradition" that the monarchy faced throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st. Likewise, our republic is facing similar forces towards socialism and abandoning the traditional government formulation. Any student of history knows that pure democracy is doomed to become mob-rule, as we have seen happen in the silly antifa "autonomous zone" of Seattle, because all such collectives suffer from the mathematical determination of the lowest common denominator. All averages bring down the top in order to raise the bottom. And of course, we are all born equal but that does NOT mean we all have equal outcomes. Outcomes are the sum of effort and variabilities of environment. While some inherent qualities come with more challenges than others they do not reduce one's individual value of life. Too many confuse the value of outcomes with the value of the life itself. 

British monarchy holds that certain families and individuals are somehow by birthright closer to God and endowed with greater value than most others and should have places of power and influence. We Americans reject that notion of birthright royalty/divinity, but we do acknowledge that strong individuals exist and that they are needed in leadership capacity. Unfortunately, our founders missed one point of control for containing the power of the leadership from becoming overbearing and abusive: term limits for all offices. We did correct that with an Amendment limiting Presidential terms but we desperately need to ratify an Amendment to limit Congressional terms to avoid having these career politicians whose lives have been spent in Washington, DC, ensuring their own prosperity and power and not truly representing the needs and desires of their constituents. These people have essentially anointed themselves the ruling class by using their powers to control and manipulate the People. And now we have the media cabal asserting itself as an adjunct ruling class, establishing their own agenda and narrative perhaps even attempting a total coup.

(to be continued)