Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vicious Momma Gang Sign

update: This post has been linked in a paranormal forum thread about strange body markings, and some whackadoodles have suggested that I was somehow paid to post this to "discredit" the people who think aliens are branding them. Sorry, folks, but there is absolutely NO conspiracy going on here. I simply had an accident with a hair dryer and thought it was funny and wanted to share my experience and complain about a really bad hair dryer design. DUH!! Some people have way too much time to sit around worrying about alien conspiracies. And I would bet a chunk of money that nearly all of the "mysterious markings" that people claim are caused by aliens are just self-inflicted cries for attention.

The mark (3 cm) is still there after 8 days. I've been putting stuff on it to help it heal and hopefully reduce the scarring.

Poll Results

What is the mark on my neck?

A. alien ownership branding 1 (6%)

B. allergic reaction to fetish collar 2 (13%)

C. bite mark of robot vampire 1 (6%)

D. gang initiation sign 2 (13%)

E. accident with made in China hairdryer 9 (60%)

Total Votes: 15

I guess I made the outlandish options a little too outlandish. ;-) Indeed, I was burned by a hairdryer, but in my prejudice against made in China crap I erroneously assumed the offending, defective appliance was made in China. But it was made in Costa Rica. (I couldn't edit the poll after I discovered my error.) I didn't know they made anything there. ;-) Okay, evidently they make lots of stuff there, including evil hair products:

As you can see the metal on the end of the dryer extends past the plastic housing. I think it is clearly a bad and dangerous design. I've had this dryer for probably 10 years though I haven't used it a lot since most days I let my hair air-dry. I've checked the government lists of recalled products, but it isn't listed. It should be. Let me explain how easy it was for me to get burned. Last Monday I was in a hurry and upset because my dad had been put in the hospital with bad pneumonia. Somehow while drying my hair the dryer slipped out of my hand and barely brushed my neck. It happened very fast and at first I didn't think I was burnt that bad because the contact with my skin was so quick. But within an hour the burn was very obvious and painful. I don't know how hot that metal gets, but it must be very hot in order to burn like that.

If I was the suing kind, I think I'd have a decent claim of product liability. I might could even get enough money to pay off the swimming pool. But I kind of think it's immoral to sue just because you can. Well, maybe I'm just an idiot who's passing up a chance to get some money?

Anyway, so all week I've been joking about it being a gang sign or something like that. Some of the most practical advice surprisingly came from my sister who told me to just "wear it with pride." Yeah, what other choice is there? ;-) I've done some research into symbolism and discovered that my mark is pretty similar to the Native American medicine wheel:

But it most resembles a weapon's crosshairs:

Well, I've decided to call it my Vicious Momma gang sign (for leader of the GESDVMs), but some might rather call it the Mark of the Beast, especially considering how evil I was last week. Hopefully, no one will see it and think it is literally a target to shoot. I do think it's kind of ironic how it all went down. In my own personal and private imagination it really does seem like a shamanic initiation mark with some powerful symbolism. For many years I thought I wanted a tattoo but never could decide what and where exactly. Looks like as soon as I got over my desire for a tattoo, I ended up with something anyway. Maybe it won't really be a permanent scar, but I suspect that it will.

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