Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Days Ahead

Super Tuesday, February 5

See previous post about my tenative endorsements for the election day that is now being called Super Duper Tuesday.

Super Bowl Sunday, February 3

This year I've been pretty much into watching football. From year to year my interest in football and the Superbowl varies, but this year it has been lots of fun watching it with David because he doesn't mind my frequent questions about the rules and technical calls and such and because he thinks it's funny that I look at the butts (and bellies) in spandex, especially the biggest ones like of the linemen.

photo by Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

"The Giants hope Tui Alailefaleula, left, and Manuel Wright, each listed at 345 pounds, have talent to match their size."

The linemen are big and strong and very athletic although they might not look like the "ideal" athlete. Football players need to have different builds to match the different roles/positions they play. For example, the receivers are smaller and quicker while the linemen need to be big and strong to block each other. One thing I like about football is that you get a little bit of many different kinds of sports in one game. You have the thinking and throwing skills of the quarterbacks, the sprinter fast running of the "backs", the Sumo-style meetings of the offensive and defensive linemen, and the acrobatics of the tackling and catching of the "tight ends" (which is a giggle-inducing name) and other receivers. Okay, so David laughs at me for not really knowing all the proper names of the positions and what they do, but even though I'm ignorant of the rules and other technicalities I can still find my own enjoyment in the game. (Maybe it's similar to my interest in theoretical physics: I like the bigger picture even though the details aren't so well-comprehended.)

I'm lucky that he is secure enough not to feel threatened that I look at other men's butts (and guts) in spandex. Really, it's purely innocent and in no way a sexual or lustful looking. It's just interesting because it's different. It's the only time you see big, tough guys in spandex who seem oblivious to the fact that they are wearing spandex. Of course, there is a double standard here because I'm not secure enough to not feel threatened if he was looking at and commenting on the bodies of the cheerleaders. That might have to do with the fact that he looks more like the quarterbacks and other very "fit" players than I look like the beautiful cheerleaders. ;-)

Speaking of quarterbacks, I have to confess to having a slight, little celebrity crush on Eli Manning:

Well, I think it's his eyes actually. I find brown eyes kind of exotic because all of my family has blue or green eyes. Anyway, he's cuter than his big brother Peyton, who was the University of Tennessee quarterback in the mid to late 1990s. No offense to Peyton, of course, but he has plenty of admirers already, and he really is a good guy. You can even get free pep talks from him if you're feeling down.

Anyway, back to the Superbowl. This year the half-time entertainment will be Paula Abdul (oops, she was actually just a pre-game feature) and Tom Petty. I always liked Paula Abdul's early hits because they were fun and cute, and I've also always liked Tom Petty's music.

Oh, and in case it hasn't been apparent, I'm hoping that the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots and their winning streak. I guess I do sometimes find myself cheering for the underdogs. ;-)

And last but not least, the Superbowl snack menu will include guacamole because I've been craving avocados. There must be some nutrients in them that I'm especially needing right now. ;-) (It's probably a good thing that you don't usually put olive oil in guacamole because that might be an overly potent combination. LOL)

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