Thursday, February 21, 2008

Georgia Disputes Tennessee Border

Hey, let's all go down to Georgia and protest. It might be fun to go down there and burn something in the streets. ;-) Of course, I'm joking. But some snooty, self-righteous Europeans et al might think that this border dispute isn't important enough to protest. Well, to some residents of the large city of Chattanooga, TN, and some of the smaller nearby towns, it's a big deal because Georgia has an income tax and Tennessee doesn't. Also, it requires the agreement of Congress to change state borders so it's pretty much just a publicity stunt for Georgia. Georgia just doesn't want to have to pay Tennessee for some water.

And honestly, I'm not making light of the situation in Serbia/Kosovo, well, maybe I am a little. But that's because I'm a childish American. ;-) Okay, so to try to think like a wise European, let's just say that if our border got changed just because of surveying errors back in the old days, then you'd have a bunch of other states trying to grab land from each other too for the same reason. Hey, it might even start a new Civil War. I bet the high-and-mighty, patronizing Europeans et al would just love that. ;-)

News Links:

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Disclaimer: Oh, good grief, now I guess I'm going to have to explain myself. I am in no way anti-European et al. I've just got a little evil streak, and sometimes it comes out as some Vi Mo cruel tutelage. So if you don't consider yourself high-and-mighty, patronizing, snooty, and self-rigteous, then I'm not talking about you. :-)

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