Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Universal Language

Music, that is. Although my Lyrics of the Moment blog only averages less than 50 hits a day, they come from all over the world:

Just the other night I was wondering if more than a just a handful of people ever really read any of this. By far, most hits to this blog, as well as the Lyrics one, are from Google searches for various, sometimes terrible, things. Some posts here probably never have been read by anyone, except me. I guess that's okay because it's mostly for my own entertainment, but still, it's kind of a bummer to know that so few other people are entertained too. Maybe there are some who read the feeds. I have no way of knowing if they never actually visit the blog itself.


Ann said...

Hi Rae Ann! People may be reading your blog more than you realize - I enjoy your posts a lot when I come to your blog site. I don't post too many comments, not even that much anymore to Reference Frame - just got a lot to do lately. :-) I did want to tell you that I really enjoyed one of your recent posts about religion - the line you ended it with was hauntingly beautiful - something about even if we are only electromagnetic waves fading into space, our moment was real. It struck a deep chord with me - whatever limits we must dwell in, our experience and awareness of existence and the world around us, and our connections to others, is real, as real as events going on at other levels in the universe. Thanks for writing that.

Rae Ann said...

Hi Ann! Thanks so much for your nice words! Sometimes I tend to get too self-pitiful ;-) but it's really good to know that something I've written has struck a chord with you. Thanks again for reading and commenting! I know it's been pretty busy for me too. I hope all is well for you!