Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Wheels, Baseball, and a Very Busy Week

Sorry I haven't been blogging much this week. It has been very busy, more than usual. Monday was a Monday. I had errands to run before school let out, and then my oldest had a piano lesson and a baseball game that night.

Tuesday the fourth grade had another field trip. This time it was to the DARE day at the Tennessee Smokies baseball stadium. This was an event for all fourth grade classes in all Knox County Public Schools. Imagine a ballpark filled with 9-11 year olds! Wow! It was fun, and the kids got to see some vicious-looking police dogs in action as well as the DARE officers. Then the game started, and the Smokies were playing well and hit four home runs while we were there. But we had to leave during the seventh inning so the buses could get back to school before school let out. The Smokies won 6-3 which was the score when we left. Then that evening my oldest had baseball practice. (Yes, lots of baseball these days, but man, I LOVE baseball!)

Wednesday was filled with catching up on the chores, etc. that didn't get done on Tuesday. And I also had to start getting our tax related documents together for the May 15 deadline that our accountant and I agreed on. Oh, how I hate dealing with all of that stuff! But, one good thing was that David called and said that he found me a new family vehicle....

Then Thursday we went to Carmax to pick it up. I'm riding in style now! We didn't trade the old car because they wouldn't give a good trade-in value. We can outright sell it someone and get more money. The new one is also a Ford Expedition, but it is a 2003 Eddie Bauer edition with all the bells and whistes, including a sunroof- goody, goody! The old one is a 1999 plain-jane Expedition.

The old ride. Posted by Picasa

The new ride. Posted by Picasa

Vicious Momma-mobile Posted by Picasa

I had the skull-and-crossbones plate on the old car but put it on the new one. I've always like skulls and skeletons, even way before they became a popular 'thing.' Ever since I've had it I've gotten lots of attention (in the form of waves, etc.) from a certain class of young punks. LOL I've wondered if this skull-and-crossbones is some kind of 'gang-sign' or something because of that. Well, whatever.

I think I'll make it a gang-sign for the Gang of Evil-SUV-Driving-Vicious-Mommas or GESDVMs. Yes, I'm a proud member of the Evil-SUV-Driving gang. When you've got a bunch of kids you have to have something bigger than a Geo Metro or any other sedan style car. We almost always have more than our three riding with us as we do a lot of carpooling. And this is still the land of Freedom and Choice, and I choose NOT to drive a minivan. I don't like them, and they really aren't any more economical in our case.

So anyway, this is my Happy Mother's Day present!

More baseball today as my oldest has a game this afternoon. It's a beautiful day! Oh, and yesterday I was able to get 95% of our tax stuff finished, so yay! I hope to get back to regular blogging next week. I've got a nice (mentally) juicy post I'm working on.


Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Love the new ride!!! (smiling)We like Carmax son has done business with them twice now.

You brought back such pleasant memories, both mine played baseball every year and I loved being part of it. Miss those days!!

Know what you mean about taxes and work...Hang in there...and have a lovely Happy Mother's Day.

Kat said...

Awesome new ride! I love that color. I almost got an expedition once, but we only had one kid at the time and seemed unneccessary. I have a Mercury Mountaineer (same as an Explorer) now, but it has that third back seat to pop up in case I need it. :)

The Guy said...

Burn that petroleum! It offends the environmentalists.

funny word verification- ZUMNMZZ the sound of your SUV gunnin' out into traffic.

The skull and cross bones are the remains of the last troll that tangled with vicious momma.

Rae Ann said...

suzie, thanks! I hope your Mother's Day was great too!

kat, I like the Explorers/Mountaineers too!

guy, LOL, yeah, I wish there was a good enough alternative right now, but maybe by the time we need to replace this one there will be.