Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Favorite Valentine

Nine years ago today I received the greatest Valentine's Day gift ever, my daughter:

She is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, and as corny and cliche as it sounds she is everything I ever wished I was. It was as if God had made her to my exact order. Even when she was born all the nurses talked about how she was one of the most beautiful babies they had ever seen. That's a lot coming from people who see so many babies.

But she's not only beautiful out the outside. She's one of the sweetest and most generous and thoughtful people I've ever known, except when she's being bossy and nagging her little brother. ;-) Sometimes it is apparent that certain personality traits are innate. Her conscientiousness emerged at a very young age.

She is truly a great blessing and as she grows and matures it is even more obvious how lucky we are to have her. Call it some kind of Divine intervention or pure luck or good genetics, whatever created such a wonderful girl was some kind of magic. When she was just a tiny baby I felt so much joy just from holding her that I could imagine that we were surrounded by some halo of love like in paintings of Mary with the baby Jesus. And now, when we are together she lightens my spirit and soul.

Of course, she's not "perfect"; none of us are. But she's as close to an angel as you could ever meet. Happy Birthday, my favorite Valentine. Thanks to God, David, and all the other forces that brought you into my life. I love you more than I can ever express.

And Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I hope your lives are as blessed as mine and that you have all the love and joy in your lives that you want and need.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, please give my belated birthday wishes to Judy. She is indeed a precious gift!