Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Five

1. Are you complicated?

Probably not as much as I think I am. ;-)

2. Do you retaliate?

I fantasize about it.

3. Last person to hug you?

My oldest son. He had a rough day.

4. Your latest complaint:

I'm tired of being human.

5. Who was the bully on your playground?

Some people might answer that with my name. ;-)


dhammett said...

1. Are you complicated? No, I really prefer keeping things simple. Maybe that's why women confuse me so much. ;-)
2. Do you retaliate? Not normally. I'm more of a venter.
3. Last person to hug you? Daughter no. 2, after being un-grounded. I know, what a chintzy way to get hugs. :-)
4. Your latest complaint: The snow around here is not melting quickly enough. I want warmth!
5. Who was the bully on your playground? John Bihn. What an a**hole! Haven't seen him in over 30 years. Funny thing, though. *putting 2 + 2 together* I never remember him having a girlfriend.

Rae Ann said...

About bullies, back in high school this one guy did all kinds of things to make my life miserable. If these things happened today he would be expelled for sexual harrassment, but back then it was just "boys being boys." When I was much younger I could kick mean boys in the balls to shut them up, but in high school that option disappeared. I really hated high school.

The Guy said...

About your latest complaint, you should look into Transhumanism. It might not cure your complaint but it is good for a chuckle and some interesting thought. Wikipedia has a good article on it and some good links.