Thursday, December 28, 2006

Because I need a good laugh...

Most recent search terms that brought people here:

jose can you see magazine article title
corvette frame
movie quote: when i was younger, i used 2 think about it a lot and envision how it may have happened....
hoe much does a kitten cost
gay mechanics
bratx dolls
zz top i like your peaches
blanket fetish
what were you doing at midnight survey
hoe movie
slept with my boss married
shasta porn
shine on me dressbarn perfume
sexy hoe
funeral procession etiquette
rae ann london
rae ann spread
i'm a hoe mix
ba humbug sounds
birthday verses
folgers plant
ba humbug
bible verses for birthday
retro spanking
whisker biscuit
she's a hoe
symbolism of lemons
interesting quiz
linda carter breast implants
proper way to address the pope
american hookers hoe
persecution of christians in america
livejournal hoe of the day
corvette road trip
hoe tattoos
crack hoes gone wild
very tiny dicks
birthday proverbs from bible
cobweb weaver
smell a skunk

What kind of place does google think this is anyway? ;-)


dhammett said...

Wow, that covers a lot of ground. Porn to bible verses, linda carter's implants to the Pope. Sometimes one has to wonder how the associations get made. Ah, the mystery and adventure of the internet.

Hope you're doing well.

Rae Ann said...

lol, yeah, and I thought that the "crack hoes gone wild" following "very tiny dicks" (the list is in reverse chronological order) was hilarious. And "retro spanking" and "whisker biscuit" together are funny too.

I'm okay, thanks. (kids don't go back to school until Jan. 8, if that explains anything)

SierraBella said...

My goodness!
Have a Happy New Year!!!