Monday, November 13, 2006

Signs, Omens, and Miracles

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
Fuckin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

Tesla version of "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band

A lemon turned into an orange. One of the fruits got damaged when I moved the tree inside due to below freezing temperatures. It turned orange, smells like an orange, and tastes like a very sour orange instead of a lemon.

(sorry for the low quality photo, I'm a little shaky today)

What does that mean? Is it a good sign, a bad omen, a miracle? Have I been fooled all along? I think I've just lost all grip I ever had on reality. Maybe it's withdrawal hallucinations. I think I need a fix, just one more... then, dear God of the Cute Kittens and Knowing My Limits, I'll quit. Just one more...


DHammett said...

Hey. I know you weren't going here with this thread, but as I read your post, I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. I don't remember Five Man Electrical Band dropping f-bombs in that song." It actually took me a while afterwards to remember what the original lyrics were.

These thoughts recalled a discussion I had with the children this evening, after my 13 year-old cut loose with a couple of "friggins." I expressed that I never would have dreamed of using that kind of language in front of my parents. Heck was a big deal. Hell was even bigger. And I think I only heard my dad drop an f-bomb once. I've never heard it from my mom.

Before I noted the correct lyrics, though, I thought to google them and see what Tesla sang. Sure enough...f-bombs. Times change, I guess.

OK, you can have your thread back now.

*heavy sigh*

Rae Ann said...

dh, sorry, but it's just been one of those f-bomb kind of days. That's why I picked Tesla instead of the other band. Tesla's version was recorded live, but they edited it for radio. I really appreciate your comments. Thanks.