Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reality Check

Wow, I've been in some kind of weird alternate universe or dimension or something - maybe causing, or caused by, an attack of brain arrhythmia. One of my brothers-in-law has cardiac arrhythmia and has a pacemaker, but occasionally his heart gets out of rhythm even with the pacemaker so he has to go get "shocked" back into rhythm. Maybe I need some electro-shock therapy on my brain? ;-)

I have to joke about this because that's the only way I know to deal with it. It's so frustrating to have to ask people kind of dumb, far-out questions in order to get get back to reality. It's kind of like asking someone, "Do I have boogers hanging out of my nose?" Kind of awkward and embarrassing. My poor husband has had to tolerate my outrageous questions for many years and learn not to take them too personally, and it seems sometimes that it's more trouble than it's worth for him. Sometimes I wonder if he's disappointed that he's ended up with a crazy wife.

Part of the problem is that probably 80-90% of my intutions are correct or mostly correct, so it can be hard to tell when a thought falls into the 10-20% of totally wrong without some extrinsic validation or invalidation. Therefore "reality checks" are vital to functioning well. So, if I or someone else asks you what sounds like a totally crazy and outrageous question, be kind and give a straight, honest answer. It will be very much appreciated, and it might even make a huge but unseen difference in mental health. ;-) And thank you to all who have been kind to my own strange questions.


mr_g said...

OK, it just ate my comment! Dang!

Basically, you aren't nuts. There are no crazy questions, just crazy people like me who ask or answer them! You be doin' just fine!

Anonymous said...

hey, it's Einstein

Rae Ann said...

mr g, thanks, but things were kind of strange for a little while. This just happens sometimes, fortunately not too often.

anonymous, yes, you're absolutely correct.