Friday, November 17, 2006

Proud Momma

I don't talk about my kids much here. It's mostly a matter of privacy and protecting them. Since this is a somewhat adult themed place, Google often sends people here looking for some pretty nasty stuff. You can't be too careful when it comes to protecting your kids' identities, etc. on the tangled up tubes of the Internet where creeps can be lurking anywhere. But all of that said, I do want to talk a little about my wonderful progeny.

This drawing was done yesterday by my six year old son. I really love it because it seems very complex - emotionally and symbolically- coming from a six year old. He loves to draw and make books that tell fantastical stories about blood, guts, death, and so on. I asked his kindergarten teacher if I should be concerned with his fascination with death and stuff, and she said that it's pretty common for his age. I recall my oldest son also drawing gory pictures when he was younger, but he was probably not as prolific with it.

My youngest is kind of a typical youngest child. He's very imaginative, outgoing, adventurous, and perceptive. I've been a little off my rocker the last couple of weeks, and I wonder if my instability is somehow reflected in his drawing. We are especially close in an unspoken kind of way. At some point I want to tell the story of his 'becoming' because it is kind of unusual. Bringing him into the world was very physically traumatic but emotionally healing.

Whatever my phenotypical (visible traits produced by the interaction of genotype and environment- for those whose last biology class is a distant memory, like mine) deficiencies might be, in my children I can see that the genotype (genetic constitution) isn't so bad. Actually, I'm quite amazed that they came from me at all! I only hope that they were spared any of my bad genes.

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