Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Domestic Pleasures

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I think there's something wrong with me. I can't seem to look at a bed without thinking about sex. I had to go get my glasses adjusted today because they were too loose. The closest way to LensCrafters is to go through JCPenney's upper level housewares department. That entrance to the mall is lined with 8 or so beds all made up to display their latests styles of comforters, etc. I wonder how many other people see those beds and imagine having sex in them.

I've noticed that this also happens when I look at catalogs with bedding, like the Domestications catalog. While I don't particularly like many of the styles in that catalog, it doesn't keep my mind from putting me in those beds doing things that would keep me from noticing the bedding anyway. ;-) I really do think there has got to be something wrong with me.

Maybe it's my blanket fetish, but not a fetish in the perverted sense (I don't do nasty things with blankets). I had a security blanket (I think I've already told this story, so sorry if I have, but I don't feel like looking back to make sure) when I was a baby/young child. I gave it up when I was about 4 and a half in exchange for a bicycle. Well, that's when I stopped carrying it around all the time, but I do still have it packed away in a cedar chest. It was/still is yellow. I wore out the satin binding from rubbing it while sucking my first two fingers (which might account somewhat for my oral fixation*), but as long as I had my blanket I could survive anything. I still catch myself rubbing fabric, or sometimes my purse strap, between my thumb and forefinger when I'm nervous or bored or just about anytime. It's just one of those unconscious habits.

Anyway, I continue to collect nice blankets and throws, especially if they are silky, satiny, velvety, or otherwise soft and soothing. So I guess it would be kind of natural when looking at a nice bed to want to plunge myself into it, and the natural progression of that thought is to have someone else with me. ;-)

*One should not get overly excited about that statement as it is a broader generalization than what some might be tempted to imagine. ;-) Not that their imaginings wouldn't be partially correct (after all, this post is largely about sexual thoughts), but it would be a mistake to assume a too narrow meaning. For instance, I generally notice people mouths first and then their eyes, and I like to watch people's mouths when they are speaking.


DHammett said...

I'm sorry to hear that your mind seems to wander to sexual thoughts when you look at beds. Er, what I mean is that I'm sorry you've limited yourself to just beds. Really, you should think aboiut the possibilities offered by chairs, ottomans, sofas and loveseats, as well. I know there are kids around a lot, but I think even the kitchen table or a desk in a den merits your consideration. I could go on, but I think you get my drift.

Just trying to be helpful. ;-)

Rae Ann said...

dh, thanks for your help! But 'been there, done that.' ;-) I don't mind soft chairs and sofas, etc., but I'm not a spring chicken anymore so hard tables and desks and kitchen counters, etc. don't have much appeal. I guess I'm just a boring old fogey. ;-)