Monday, May 22, 2006


I just love this 'old' 80s music...


QINSHI said...

Love it Rae,

Enjoyed it, especially since I haven't heard it for ages. Used to have their albums in my vynil collection, but somehow didn't get added on to my hard drive when I went digital

I'm tempted to e-mail it on.

Yep, there are at least one or two who'll be happy to see it.

Laters ... Q

Marsha said...

Me too!!!! But I love the music from the seventies even better.

Rae Ann said...

Q, you should definitely add some Thompson Twins to your digital collection. I had forgotten about them until hearing one of their songs on the radio the other night.

marsha, me too! There is a bunch of stuff from the 80s that I am happy to forget, but some of it was great. I love the 70s for its rock and disco.

QINSHI said...

You been experiencing some technical problems?

Like pictures & photos not showing on blog.

People around have been experiencing the same. Point of fact some blogspots been coming up with pages not available the last couple of hours. Even Lubos was unavailable for a bit.

An 'electronic storm' no doubt. At first I thought it might have had something to do with e-mailing the video. Yep don't worry.

I did e-mail the TT video on to a couple of addresses, but they are 'sound as a pound' or trusty people.

Wouldn't give the link otherwise.

Laters ... Q

mr_g said...

Damn, I haven't heard that in a while. Talk about a big-hair blast from the past!

(Stop by the "other" wont' believ it!)

Rae Ann said...

Q, no technical problems that I know of. I've been out and away for a while so I might have missed it.

mr g, I'll have to check it first thing tomorrow because it's time to put the kiddies to bed and all that stuff. I hope everything is okay!

Lumo said...

Very nice. Recently I also liked The Killers, Somebody told me, which is essentially also from the 1980s, according to the style.

Incidentally, it is not only men who know how to fight. See this video. ;-)

Rae Ann said...

lubos, Czechs seem to have a great sense of humor! And I like the Killers too, the song you mentioned and the popular one before it, Mr. Brightside. They have a great 'retro' yet modern sound!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I'm partial to the 70's but love the 80's too.