Friday, May 12, 2006

AOL Poll

Here are the results (as of a few minutes ago) of an AOL poll:

Should the military be used to tighten the U.S.-Mexico border?

Yes 86%
No 14%

Total Votes: 136,504

Certainly, this isn't a 'scientific' poll, but they let each screenname vote only once. I guess if someone has nothing better to do they could sign on with a bunch of different screennames to vote more times, but I doubt that is a large problem. And of course, I voted only once because I'm a good, upright kind of citizen. (but I can also be a pretty good, recumbent kind of citizen too) ;-)


Kat said...

How about using the military to round up and "escort" some of them that are already here back? I'm all for bettering yourself, but as crowded as we are, I think they should have to apply to come here for more than a visit.

The Guy said...

As for polls, I trust the AOL one more than those I hear on the TV news shows. After reading "Coercion" it's easy to see how engineered polls can be made to outright lie. It's just a matter of what questions are asked first. If CNN asks a bunch of questions about the suffering of people in mexico first and then asks a question about amnesty the respondent will automatically lean towards a desired answer. This dynamic is (mostly) absent from online polls where you aren't responding verbally over the phone to a chain of leading questions.

As for voting repeatedly it is pretty easy to use several methods to decrease the likelihood of that, cookies and IP address tracking combined will thin the crowd anyways.