Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Step in the Invasion (and some much rambling)

I heard on the news this morning that Mexico is close to legalizing all kinds of drugs for personal use. In an article from the San Diego Union-Tribune Mayor Jerry Sanders says,

"I view this as a hostile action by a longtime ally of the U.S."

I totally agree which might come as a surprise. But I see this a another step in Mexico's efforts in "reconquista." (Michelle Malkin also has an article about that.)

I don't like imported drugs, legal or illegal. I think if a person wants to smoke pot they should grow their own. That way you aren't supporting the drug smugglers and dealers and other nasty people and you also know exactly what you have and how it was grown and handled. Of course, I'm speaking hypothetically. I'm not advocating illegal activities!

As for the other illegal drugs I think they are too dangerous to be legal anywhere. I'm not looking for any pro-drug comments/arguments here. That isn't the point of this post. I'm aware that the Libertarian Party's platform includes legalization of all drugs. I don't agree with that. I'm not a Libertarian.

My concern here is that our neighbor is on the verge of passing a law that will result in even more conflict on our border. How can others not see this as practically equal to some other kind of attack on our country? It is indeed as Mayor Sanders said a "hostile action."

I've already been called a racist. Oh well. It's not about race at all. It's about what's legal and illegal and protecting my country from an invading foreign force.

I'd like to talk about my family's very long American heritage, but I hesitate because some might take it wrong. They might say that I'm claiming to be some kind of American elite or something, but that is NOT the case. I am a proud American, but I don't think I'm any 'more' American than a first generation naturalized citizen. But for the open-minded knowing my family's history might shed light on my strong Patriotic and Protectionist feelings.

And thankfully I have Clyde the frog to cheer me up in the case of any bashings that come my way. People don't stop to think that behind these words there is a real, live, breathing, feeling person. If you only have hurtful things to say then save your energy. Name-calling isn't an intelligent argument. I'm not Lubos Motl who takes abuse from idiots all the time and seems to not be bothered by it. I think that might be one of the differences between men and women. I'm probably more sensitive than he is.

It's hard to be right, especially when being right doesn't follow the popular trends. People bash you for stating the unpopular truth before they finally realize that it is the truth, but then after you've been proven right by time and experience, etc. those very same people bash you again if you if you even hint, "I told you so." I'm not saying that I'm always right. I'm just stating an observation about how things happen.

My crystal ball is mediocre. I've already admitted that. If it were perfect there might be a temple built for me like Delphi, but it's not perfect so I only have my little blog here. But some of the things that I've seen in the past have come to be. At the age of 14 (1982) I had a vision of a new wave of racial tensions in our country, specifically the vision was of race riots in the streets. In 1982 racial tensions were not big in the news, but somehow I sensed that within a decade or so things would happen. And they did.

Also one day in the very early 1980s I was thinking aloud about how expensive and wasteful it seemed for so many glass jars and bottles to be thrown away. I posited that recycling them was a viable option and also predicted that plastic was a better, cheaper solution that could and would also be recycled. This was way before recycling was a thing, and one of my 'brainy' guy friends ridiculed my ideas as 'improbable or even impossible.' Heh, who ended up right? These are just two examples of times when I've made what sounded like silly, crazy predictions to 'people who knew better' and was dismissed or criticized only to be vindicated later. Oh well. Time will tell. I suspect that Nostradamus wrote his visions in vague ways to avoid persecution too. Not that I'm any kind of Nostradamus!

So what am I getting at with this? I hate to say it but my crystal ball is showing me some pretty disturbing visions. I hope they are wrong and only the products of a very overactive imagination. I see our border conflicts with Mexico escalating into something more, especially if our leaders refuse to recognize the seriousness of the situation. I rarely describe the specific visions I have, but this time I'll say that I've seen a sleeping giant awaking (not the most original, I know, but hey). We concern ourselves with far away places but don't tend to our own back yard. I hear the echoes of the fall of the great empires of the past. Call me crazy. I hope that I am.


Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Good little rant there Rae Ann. (smiling) Last week on the AP, it broke about the legalization in Mexico. FOX is going out and a socialist leader is ahead in the polls for Mexico. Yes, we are soon going to have more problems coming out of there as well as many other So./Central American countries including Cuba.

Iran is gathering allies...including all the Islamic Nations and evil dictators. They have Russia and China on board....and things are narrowing down quickly for US/U.S.

Russia, is considering breaking the 2 a 3rd term for Putin...(his goal is to go back to USSR and be the world's super power) they are selling weapons to Iran and China is buying fuel from Iran. N.Korea, Malaysia, Bolivia, Syria, HAMAS (next door a few yards away from Israel)...let us not forget CUBA.

Your visions are right on target. The day is very near.
P.S. Sorry for the mis-spelled words...wrote in a hurry.

chica said...

You one crazy hoe!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Now Fox in Mexico has changed his mind....and sent the bill back. Humm...guess he rec'd a little pressure.

P.S. Was Chica...referring to you or me or both?? (LOL)

The Guy said...

Chica was clearly talking to herself. I understand some crazy people talk to themselves out loud but this is the first one I ever saw typing to themselves. Now that's crazy!

I wonder if her brain would explode if you told her not to think of the color blue.

CapitalistImperialistPig said...

Lubos Motl takes abuse? You have got to be kidding! He relentlessly abuses anyone he disagrees with, in the most puerile and abusive fashion imaginable. If you criticize even his most obvious blunders, you are stupid, a dog, an ape, a monkee, a caveman, a communist, plus some nasty Czech epithets I won't translate.

CapitalistImperialistPig said...
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CapitalistImperialistPig said...

On the other hand, I thought it might be a good idea for Mexico to legalize all those drugs. That way, floods of American druggies would be sneaking into Mexico, balancing the flow of illegal aliens coming the other way. Mexico might even have to put up a wall to keep them out.

Rae Ann said...

suzie, I'm not sure who chica was talking about. I like Guy's explanation on that one. I heard about Fox changing his mind. Good on him!

guy, that's a good one!

cip, I was only comparing the difference in the level of sensitivity to meanness between me (a woman) and Lubos (a man). Men generally let things like that roll off their backs, but women are more sensitive (in general). I'm certainly no Hillary Clinton (feminazi). And that's an interesting point about Mexico and the drugs. ;-)