Sunday, May 21, 2006

More Seredipitous Synchronicity

I was just now exploring around the edge of the woods to see if I could find any more interesting fungi, etc., when I happened upon a large black rat snake. I screamed like a girl! LOL I knew it wasn't a poisonous rattle snake or copperhead, but it was still pretty large (about 6 feet long) and threatening because it was shaking its tail in the same way as a rattle snake. I took that as a warning of 'stay away!' I'm not really afraid of snakes that much, but I do have a healthy respect for anything that can bite whether it is poisonous or not. It's kind of weird because just the other night I dreamed about a snake and the scenario was very similar as today. Also, snakes are famous phallic symbols! ;-)

Latet anguis in herba. A snake in the grass. Again, sorry for the poor quality photo, but I just wanted to get a quick shot and get out of there!


QINSHI said...

Hi Hoe,

The more I see, the more I like. If I were closer (geographically) I would have to pop round, to see if you got any gnomes in your garden.

Here is a friend's link/blog

"Warning, he is as subtle as a cow (or should I say bull) that has been picked up by a whirlwind and tossed over the barn."

laters ... Q

QINSHI said...

PS - I think you'll be surprised (and amused) at the name of his blog.

laters ... Q

Rae Ann said...

Q, actually I do have one little gnome in one of my gardens. He's hiding in the St. John's wort. If he goes missing I'll know who to contact! ;-) And yes, I am surprised and amused at your friend's blog title (and his blog). Thanks for sharing it!

Rae Ann said...

Oh, yeah, Q, when you mentioned 'spirit horses' were you referring to shamanism?

QINSHI said...

I wouldn't dream of taking anything away, unless it were given to me. It was just a round about way of bringing garden gnomes into the conversation.

The one's I mentioned in a previous comment had been taken from a friend's house. Well the friend turns out to be my mother. Possibly some children (little devils) took them, but though she was a little sad to see them gone, I did manage to stop her worrying about them, or worse possibly cursing little children.

For who knows whose children they could be, and what greater curses could have come back to haunt her.

As to 'spirit horses' it was actually a misprint. It was meant to read spirited horses, as in race horses fool of fire.

But yes 'Spirit Horses' is what ended up in print, and yes Spirit horses & shamanism is pertinent.

You been doing some homework, or someone (Czech) been helping u.

Is that more serendipitous epiphenomena, or woman's intuition?

I'm glad you saw the humour in Mark's epiphenomena blog. His bolder post (last but one) was because he had been visited by spammers and unwanted comments, so he threw that one in.

I thought it was safe to refer you there,since his last post was about a conversation with his young son.

Laters ... Q

Rae Ann said...

Q, I was just kidding with you about taking the gnome. No, noone has helped me with any homework. I'm pretty well informed about shamanism, etc. If you have time to look through the archives you'll find posts related to it peppered throughout. So you can probably say it's "woman's intuition" assisted with serendipity, etc. Or might that be serendipity assisted with intuition? lol

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Oh, I would have fainted. OMG!! I can't believe you were so brave.

QINSHI said...

Yep, here are some golden oldies from your archives:

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
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It permeates my soul
Yet leaves me with nothing
Eroding it until it is gone

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
It's Official...
Gas is now over $3 a gallon all over this area. That is more than a gallon of milk if you buy the brand that's on sale.


Our American Atlantis
I've heard a few people say that this is a lot like the big Tsunami. Just think how deadly it would have been if Katrina had come without warning and people had not evacuated
Maybe we should allow the Old New Orleans to go down as the Legend of the Great Sunken City, like the legend of Atlantis.

Sunday, August 28, 2005
Redemption: What's Your Price? (or there's a little Stepford in all of us)

When I was a teenager I thought that my price to get married would be an excessively large diamond. I was brainwashed by those commercials that told me that the size of the diamond was determined by how much the man loved the woman. But then I grew up and fell in love and all that diamond business meant nothing. My wedding set does have diamonds, but it's not something gaudy and expensive. And over the years I've noticed a trend that the larger the diamond the less successful the marriage. Go figure.

Friday, August 05, 2005
Strange Encounters

The 'Blinded by the Light' post is coming, but right now I have to go with the flow.

Laters ... Q

Rae Ann said...

suzie, if it had been a rattlesnake or copperhead I probably would have fainted too! Once I saw that it wasn't poisonous I was okay.

Q, cool, you've been busy! Or is that a "worst of" list? lol

QUASAR9 said...

Just a 'peppered' list from the biggining with references to shamanism etc...

Starting with the first one: "I'm being stalked" And the Spiders Web, beautiful picture by the way, tempted to 'hoist' it.

Incidentally I'm still working on that copyright issue: If someone copies pics (or text) from the web, is that theft?

After all your pic is still there, what I would have is a 'copy' my puter made.

Also everything Lubos or others (including you & I) can come up with is built on (based) on ideas we have read or learnt in time, (and 'lifted') from others. So Internet copyright would ultimately reside with whoever invented electricity (or even further back) without which the internet would have not been created (or evolved).

As for thought, written text & intellectual property, wouldn't they ultimately belong to whoever 'invented' (created or evolved) language + words?

laters ... Q

Rae Ann said...

Q, it doesn't bother me if someone copies one of my pictures (or my words) as long as I'm given some kind of acknowledgement and as long as they don't try to sell it as their own. It's true that there really aren't any 'original' ideas, only original ways of expressing them. If someone appreciates something I've said or made enough to want a copy of it that's cool by me! I've sold a few pieces of artwork in the last few years and it is always kind of weird, but good. However, I'm much more likely to give my stuff away. Glad to see you've started a blog!

QUASAR9 said...

Thanks Rae, It just seemed to go with your theme of the stalker (spider). When I read on the post, and got to the picture of the spider's web, it did ring a bell with stringy theory, the web of life, etc ...

Thanks for the visit. Do you like William Blake's work?

So how did you track the new blog address, from Mark?

Laters ... Q

QUASAR9 said...

Ohh, I just noticed I logged in yesterday as QUASAR9.

You should try those mushrooms.

Went camping with some friends. One knew what he was talking about regarding fungi. All we needed was eggs, cheese and milk we got from a local farm & goat shepherd. Plus one or two of us took a trek into town everyday for "Our Daily Bread" and we enjoyed different flavoured omelettes every day.

Needles to say when he brought some of the more exotic ones from deeper in the forest, everybody always waited to see if he keeled over before taking a bite.

Laters ... Q