Wednesday, September 14, 2005

You want public? Here's your public...

I got a lovely email greeting this morning from someone so threatened by my little blog that he felt it necessary to also send me a private email message to further insult me. Here are the comments left last night on my post, Stupid Things I Learned In College:

At Tuesday, September 13, 2005 8:34:18 PM, hfischer said…

Rae Ann, you failed to learn from the course and the book. Such a disappointment you are. I cannot believe you are 37 and a mother--good help your kids.

YOu better look closer at those tv pictures of "looting" food and you better look closer at what the mythology says that looting rarely occurs.

Such a dumb ass you are.

At Tuesday, September 13, 2005 8:35:54 PM, hfischer said…

oops, typo, i mean to say "god help your kids" mothers shouldn't be so dumb

oh well, i guess i could start a blogg entitled, "dumb students i had in college"


And here's the email message:

If you didn't fail the course, you should have. What a dumb student you must have been. You didn't understand a thing about the disaster mythology. If you think the TV pictures disprove the mythology then you are even dumber than you sound in your blogg--and you don't even have the courage to stand for your ignorance in public. You are a dumb ass.

Well, henry fischer or whoever the hell you are, you prove my point if you are suggesting that you are a college professor/textbook author. You are so lost in some ivory tower oblivion and have no clue about the real world. What is in your textbook is only one point of view. I have the common sense to question what I've been told when it is contradictory to what I see. I never failed any courses, I never had any professors with your name (assuming you are who you say you are) and never had any textbooks written by Henry W. Fischer, and I graduated magna cum laude (1990).

You don't sound especially intelligent to only be able to call me a 'dumb ass' and to insult my children. Listen buddy, you've got a lot to learn in this life if you think ANYONE is going to be impressed with your sorry display of verbal ineptitude. And you are supposedly an author? No amount of education and 'credentials' excuses plain old bad behavior and meanness. Maybe you need to go back and reread my post. Your comprehension isn't what it should be. You are implying things that I NEVER said.

And what kind of ignoble IDIOT goes around insulting mothers?

I think you are threatened and malicious and bitter about something. I hope you work that out before YOU have children. God help us ALL if you already have.

And by the way, where's your blog, mr. public courage??


Rainypete said...

Ahhh the self important. Isn't it quite ironic that the "educated" among us seem to be the most shallow. If anything contradictory is put out there they must torpedo it.

This allows them to prop up their belief that they are smarter than the average soul, because they teach at college. Swallow your pride Henry, and know that you are simply selling you ropinion. Sociology is not an exact science at the best of times. Humans are irrational and prone to erratic and unpredicatable behaviour.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...


It is beyond me why people take the TIME to not only post a comment like that, but to email you and continue on with such venom. WOW, it just keeps reminding of mean hateful people out there that think they know everything. You were nicer in your post than I would have been....that says a lot about you being a good person and not stooping to his level. dare him?

"No amount of education and 'credentials' excuses plain old bad behavior and meanness."

Very well said and your BLOG ROCKS!! (smiling) Screw him!! Yeah, I tried to go there too...but Mr. Public courage or Mr. Snake had no entry.

Thanks for sharing this with us....God Bless all the children and esp ones born to jerks!

Nick Danger said...

I hope that asshole lost a family member in New Orleans.

How are yo Rea Ann? I miss ya.. you sexy bitch!

midwest_hick said...

Awwwwwww.....cut him some slack.....obviously his mother refused him the tit....and he's still trying to get over

Kat said...

Jeez, I just don't understand people. I have said it before and I will say it again: If they don't like what they are reading, why not leave the site??

As always... Rachael said...

This is my first time here...

Who the hell is this guy? Those were some fightin' words if you ask me!

eatmisery said...

I can't believe that guy disrespected you so badly for your opinions.

I guess his wife doesn't want to listen to him anymore, so he has to pick on bloggers.

Oops, I'm assuming any sane woman would actually marry him...

Maybe he'll go away and you won't have to waste time dealing with him.

Rae Ann said...

pete, thanks for your very well-worded comment. To his type anyone who disagrees with him is a dumb ass, but what does that make him?

suzie, thank you! You're so sweet!

nd, you've been scarce yourself. And you made me blush!

mh, you're so funny! Thanks!

kat, I know what you mean. Who am I that he's so threatened by my little blog?

rachel, wow, you came in on a crazy day. I'm not usually so bitchy, but if someone starts talking bad about my kids then I'll get vicious.

eatmisery, I've wasted too much energy on this already, but damn, nobody insults my children and gets away with it.

I've found myself wondering if I've been too brash about this. Maybe someone is just using this guy's name and he has no idea. Maybe it's an irate student doing this? Maybe I should email his school address and ask if he is aware that someone is sullying his name by leaving ignorant and hateful comments on my blog and email. Those comments certainly don't reflect an intelligent, mature person that you'd expect in such a position as his.

But most of all I'd just like to quote Dick Cheney and tell him, "Fuck off!"

DHammett said...

"Such a disappointment you are."
"Such a dumb ass you are."

Syntax learn where did this guy? Jedi master Yoda?

Oh, and there was another typo in his message. It said, "dumb students i had in college". What it should have said is,"oops, typo, i mean to say dumb things i taught to students i had in college."

This guy must be an prof could be that dumb...could he?

word verification: lepox I think it was supposed to be dumbox

Rae Ann said...

dh, lol, thanks for making me laugh!

Chris said...

Jeez, what an asshat. And, honestly, with grammar and spelling like that, we're supposed to believe he actually attended, let alone teaches, college?

I weep for the future of education.

mr_g said...

DumbAss You Are Not.

Asshole, he is...mmmmmmmm

Kristi said...

I hope he made his tiny shell of an existance briefly happy with his harsh words. Such a bitter person he is.

This is your blog, sweetie, and I think it is fabulous. What a fuckwad.

Keep up the good work on your blogg, er, I mean blog.

Rae Ann said...

chris, me too! It's sad.

mr g, thanks! You're funny!

kristi, thanks! Haven't heard from him again, yet.

purplesimon said...

A reciprocal visit and I simply had to read this blog. I chose to add a comment to this page because this man has supremely pissed me off. What sort of idiot writes that kind of shit?

I think he was looking in the mirror when he wrote 'dumb ass' and his spelling, grammar and general sentence structure sucked.

And on that note, his mother probably sucked, too, just to stop the family going on welfare.

This blog rules. So there.

purplesimon out...