Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Evil Part 3, I'm On a Roll

I was listening to FoxNews Dayside while doing some house work, and they had Kevin Trudeau, the natural cures infomercial king, as a guest. This guy is nothing but a quack. He's already served time for fraud of some sort, which he didn't specify on tv today but said, "it's in the book,' true to his sales-centered nature. Here is the little blurb from the FoxNews site:

"And have we got the cure for what ails you... or do we? The controversy over natural cures: for the clinically depressed, is an anti-depressant or a long walk better treatment? We’ll talk with bestselling author Kevin Trudeau, author of “Natural Cures,”"

Unfortunately, the natural cures site is down for 'maintenance'.

I'm all for natural treatments and healthy living as part of treating illnesses and other conditions, but this guy is so full of shit that he needs a few more 'high colonics' to clear it all out. First off, he says that the 'sun does not cause cancer.' Bahaha He says that sunblock causes skin cancer instead. WTF? Tell that to my dad who has been fighting melanomas all summer and has never worn sunblock a day in his life.

AS for telling depressed people to just go take a walk. Yeah. I've been about as seriously depressed as you can get and if someone had told me to 'just take a walk' I would have walked right into the arms of Death. Sure, exercise is good for depression. But you can't tell me, or anyone else who has experienced the difference that the proper antidepressant can make, that they are bad. Are they overprescribed for people who are stressed but not truly, clinically, chemically depressed? Yes, but that doesn't mean they are bad. This guy goes in the Bad Seeds and Noxious Weeds listing along with Tom Cruise.

OH, and I've finally evolved from a slimy mollusk to a flippery fish!


DHammett said...

Increased readership and a penchant for antidepressants? Rush Limbaugh look out!!

Rae Ann said...

LOL, I thought he had penchant for oxicontin. That's nasty stuff! I've never had it and don't ever plan on trying it.

Rae Ann said...

I just saw the irony of that statement next to my profile pic. Totally unintentional!

eatmisery said...

Quacks piss me off to no end.

Kevin said...

not to be confused with Kevin M. Trudo

Rae Ann said...

em, me too! That guy is flat out wrong about a lot of things.

kevin, I thought about that too! I double-checked the spellings on both to make sure their wouldn't be any confusion.

Rae Ann said...

"there" I can't believe I did that!