Thursday, September 08, 2005


Needed to get my mind off of the lickety splits so I worked on some puzzles. Try this one.


eatmisery said...

Go to my blog post from today. I have something to tell you. :)

Average White Guy said...

That drove me crazy! I hope you start feeling better.

DHammett said...

I had a set in my word verification. ;-)

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

That made my eyes and head spin..will have to come back when I am sane or not dizzy! (smiling)
When do you think that will be?

Have you not been feeling well?? ref: AWG! I sure hope you bounce back soon. Take care and tell your Dad hello! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

Rae Ann said...

em, Congrats!! That is so cool.

awg, thanks, and yeah, I'm not telling how long it took me to find all 6 sets.

dh, was that a two piece set or a three piece set?

suzie, sorry about that. I had to do something to get my mind off of lickety splits real quick. yeah, I'm feeling a little better today. thanks.

word ver.= mdxisknq (I keep getting an X in my words. lol)

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Rae Ann in regards to your well written comment on my site, I wish you would have written my was excellent!!! Thank you have it together so well and worded my thoughts perfectly as if you were reading my screwed up mind.

I responded to you and others.
Glad to hear you are feeling better. These days anything longer than a few lines - definitely not puzzles, riddles or quizzes (LOL) blows my brain cells that are left. Until I get my concentration level back, I can bare comment on a damn picture. It is awful...thank you for you commenting on my ranting.

My first comment should have been written on WORD with thought, it may not have been so wordy...and scrambled...half the reason why I pasted the article I did.

Take care friend....OHHHHHH did you get that about FRIDAY PHOTO CONTEST I sent you????

Rae Ann said...

suzie, thanks for the links. I've not had a chance to check them out. I've been sick the last few days.