Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Hoe's Favorite things...

I'm a post whore today. Or I should say I'm a post Ho(e) today. My mind is going at the speed of light today so I'm putting down a few little rays before they fade.

My favorite smells are my children's heads, the chemical scent of film, and marijuana just out of the stash box. Any parent knows that scent I mean when I say my children's heads. It's a sweet mostly indescribable scent that you pick up when you nuzzle their hair. I love to open a new film container and sniff it. I'm sure it's not the healthiest thing to snort, but it's not like I'm huffing paint or something. And when I go to the camera store the smell when you first walk in is strangely pleasant. I really wish there was an air freshener scent called 'Stash Box.' It's just absolutely ambrosial, to put it plain and simple.

I also love the scent of frankincence, patchouli, myrhh, and various other herbs and flowers. But all of those are kind of general favorites. What are your favorite scents?


GingerSnaps said...

my sheets after they come out of the dryer when using downy fresh scent detergent...and i kinda like the smell of sex.

ghartstein said...

Glade does have a scent called "Stash Box". The problem is it comes in sandwich bags and is always needing to be refilled for some reason...

Anonymous said...

ahh, the smell of a "stash box" -it brings back memories of my parents left theirs right on the coffee table. My sister and I played with the seeds-no lie!

Anonymous said...

oh, for min:
I too, love my kids heads
I love a BABY's stinky toes
I love the smell of coffee but HATE the taste of it, go figure
I love Cherry Lemonade (by Yankee Candles)
I love the smell of the air right before it snows
I love the smell of gasoline,
permanent markers and nail polish(I listed those together for obvious reasons)(No, I don't huff, But I do waft- I just like the scents)
Fresh cut grass
John's deoderant (he finds it a bit freakish that I like to sniff his armpits when we're in bed)
the smell of baby powder (i am a powder addict, I put it on all day long) (me, not the baby)
cocaine(just kidding)
food cooking (except liver- that shit's GROSS)
clean sheets
Obsession and Cool Water (for men)!
The smell of outside AFTER it rains

I'm sure I'll think of more- scents are deal makers and breakers in my life- it effects everything I think and do, especially my moods. ;)

KhadijaTeri said...

I've got lots of smells I really like:
cinnamon rolls
french fries
orange blossoms
night musk
night blooming jasmin
laundy drying in a really hot sun
freshly cut grass (very rare smell in Libya)
peanut butter
Fa body soap - the green kind

removedalready said...

humm..let's see
in no specific order
-cinnamon roll
-chocolate: hot chocolate, devil cake, brownies, choc chip cookies
-freshly cut grass
-coffee brewing
-scented candles: ikea's tindra
-brand new dollar note
-issey miyake fragrance
-ikea's vanilla ice cream

Ms Mac said...

This is a bit weird but I have always loved the smeel of a clean, fresh butcher's shop!

But I also love new babies' smell and my husband's aftershave. He has a particular talent for making any aftershave delicious!

Rainypete said...

The smell of a woodburning stove on a crisp cold winter day is my all time favourite.

That and a pipe. My grandfather smoked one and I've always loved the smell.

Anonymous said...

ooh, I like cinnamonn rolls too, and coconut- especially coconut scented suntanning oil- which for some reason is almost obsolete now, most companies use this orangey smelling stuff. :(

Anonymous said...

ms. mac- I almost forgot , that's not weird- that's SCARY. :)

kenju said...

I like fresh coconut,simmering soup, flowers, Canoe men's cologne, My Sin by Lanvin, babies bodies and the smell from silver spray paint by Design Master.

Michael Lehet said...

My favorite smell is freshly cut grass.

Kristen said...

My favorite smell is fresh brewed coffee.

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of the blossoms of almond trees and citrus trees during the Spring. Also I love the smell of the Mediterranean on a hot Summer day breeze, and the smell of jasmine blossoms. Last but not least, the smell of delicious food when I’m hungry.