Saturday, June 10, 2006

Odd Findings

A cool-looking egg casing that I'm having trouble identifying. It's really pretty and sparkly in the sunlight and has a hard, resinous texture, kind of like amber. It looks like a glob of dried bronze glitter glue. I clipped the branch of the tree where I found it. The sparkling caught my attention when I was picking black raspberries at the edge of the woods. I guess I'll keep it in a jar and see what it becomes.

Black widow spider update:

The first one I caught (from the lunchbox) has produced an egg sac. She must have mated before I caught her. Her belly had gotten very big (should have taken a photo), and this morning I found this:

I'm not sure what to do. Part of me wants to dispose of the spider and her progeny, but another part of me wants to let them live. As much as I've been presented with spider "medicine" in the last couple of years I feel like this might be some kind of a shamanic test. I wonder what happens if I fail it? Even more, I wonder what happens if I pass it.


eatmisery said...

Oh, dear! I don't know what I'd do with something like that, but I sure as hell know I wouldn't flush it down the toilet. I'd be scared it would come back up and bite me you know where.

QUASAR9 said...

I'm sure there must be a shamman out there, that could answer that one for you.

From where I'm sitting:
(1) You put it in a jar, saw its belly and thought it was full
(2) Turns out the belly eas because she was pregnant
(3) It laid an egg

Science: biology, chemistry, physics can describe these various steps, but they cannot answer your question. lol!

(1) You put it in the jar because you were concerned for your kids
(2) You live in the country, your kids have to learn to live with them, not just learn to 'kill'
(3) Where are the other ones, the other spiders you collected?

The shammanic test, is look at nature, show your children the magic & beauty of life, even if they are too small. Then release the spider and egg back into the wild, just take lid off jar, and leave jar in woods (in safe place) not environmental litter.

The Real Shammanic lesson, fear not nature - Science can give no explanation why nature's beasts harm some people, yet leave others untouched.

If an opinion is forthcoming, from a 'real' Shamman listen to.

Or as I suspect your husband might say, kill it, trash it, forget it.

PS - Wild animals, horses & dogs can "sense" fear in man or woman

QUASAR9 said...

So, what about this spider, did he eat the others?

And what about that other sticky thing, have you found out what it is? No Shamans or biologists out there? I've asked a couple of people, let you know when I find someone who knows. Laters ... Q

Rae Ann said...

eatmisery, lol, yeah that's a great point!

Q, yeah, I'll probably just toss the open jar, spider and all, out into the woods with a request to the spider that I'd appreciate it not biting any of us if given the opportunity. ;-)

QUASAR9 said...

Rae Ann, if a spider is gonna bite your kids, do you think one less spider is gonna stop the kids being bitten.

You know many places they were almost successful in exterminating the mosquito populations, until somebody discovered, hold on we are not getting so many birds feeding here anymore. We can live with a few mosquito bites, but birds who feed on mosquitos or mosquito larvae cannot live without their diet, so they migrate or die. That is nature, that is life.

I'm not saying you or your kids need walk around as if walking on eggshells when the worms, ants and snails are out. But no need to go around stomping on them with your boots like some nazi stormtrooper.

And yes I often do wonder if plagues, whether mosquito or locusts, are random, solely due to weather (heat & prevailing winds) or whether they are more than just coincidence or coincidental.

Of course one can scientifically explain the climatic conditions, one can also scientifically explain the causes of climatic conditions, but Man never views himself as the cause of the cause of those conditions. Most of the time men just try to figure out how to scientifically overcome the climatic conditions, or plagues.

Man is almost godlike in what we can control, resources, energy, disease, yet though there is population growth, despite allusions to the contrary more people still die every day of 'natural' causes, disease & famine, than ever before.

Add to that traffic accidents, falls, 'natural' disasters and man made wars, and really it is nothing short of a 'miracle' that we are not extinct. The only saving grace that people get sick of killing, or get sick and die.

So keep the spider in the jar, kill the spider, or release the spider into the wild. Do what you will.