Monday, June 26, 2006

The Bitch Has Got To Die

I suppose I'm attempting to play God or Mother Nature, but I just can't let this one live to reproduce. She's way too smart and aggressive. She has killed and consumed both of the other spiders. She has taken to protecting the egg sac of one of the other, now dead, spiders. It might appear that she has 'adopted' them, but I know what she's thinking. ;-) She wants to feed on the other spider's babies. I covered the air holes in the lid 4 days ago, and she seems to not be affected much yet. She still tries bite me through the jar, unlike the other spiders, even after one of them laid her eggs. She knows that the lid is the opening of the jar and waits there to get me in case I open it. The other spiders didn't behave the same way. If my actions offend any PETA types, well, they can kiss my ass. I'm not letting some super-smart and aggressive spider reproduce in my little part of the universe.

I've wondered about the issue of Karma here. If I intentionally let this spider die am I going to suffer some Karmic consequences? Maybe, but it could be that I am the Karma for this spider who might have been some foul person in a past life.

I'm curious to see if she dies before the spiderlings emerge and if they will try to feed on her. The jar is not 100% airtight. I wonder if the babies will even hatch or survive long if they do hatch. I hope, though, that it is sealed enough to keep any babies from escaping. Now, wouldn't that be a Karmic twist for my house to become infested with black widow spiders? But I don't really see that happening. Anyway, that bitch is going to die.


QUASAR9 said...

So, do you think it is an evil alien from another dimension or pocket universe, come to Earth in the Space Shuttle. I guess in this movie you play the part of Sigourney Weaver, saving earth. lol!

PS - Do you think there is a hell for 'evil/bad' spiders or do they just reincarnate as something more terrifying?

Some mothers would claim it is natural'instinct' to kill to protect and feed their young. I guess this spider went to the same school, or has the same DNA. What?

SierraBella said...

I'd be willing to bet she'd eat her own babies (should she live long enough.)
Sounds like she's overstayed her welcome.

Kat said...

Use the air holes to drown her.

Marsha said...

Yikes, I hate spiders...we have had the occassional spider in our house over the years.

Rae Ann said...

Q, lol, maybe I should shave my head. Oh, yes, there is a hell for spiders, and it is in my jar. lol And sure, it is a natural instinct to protect and feed your babies.

sierrabella, yes, I've sealed the jar as well as possible now.

kat, you're more merciful than I am. I want to watch her die slowly.

marsha, I've mostly gotten over my arachniphobia (sp?), but I still freak out a little if a spider gets on me.

QUASAR9 said...

Gosh, reading the comments I feel like I've stepped into a den of black widows. I hope I'm not next on the menu. lol!

I certainly wouldn't want you lot weaving any black magic spells against me. Q.

QUASAR9 said...

PS - No, Rae, no need to shave your head. It'd probably freak hubby out. Though I must admit I am partial to Sigournet Weaver's hair style in Alien Alien II, III