Monday, June 19, 2006

Nothing Is Really Free (updated)

Instead of rambling on about all the things that have kept me from blogging lately I think I'll try to just make a list:

1. Serious computer problems beginning on last Thursday. The "free" McAfee Firewall Express from my comcast internet account apparently seized up Windows. What good is something if it's going to screw everything up? I uninstalled it, and everything is working normally again. Fuck McAfee and comcast!

2. Baseball tournament. My oldest son's baseball team played a game Friday night and four games on Saturday. It was definitely an all day affair but very much fun despite getting a sunburn. They got third place. So yay!

3. Father's Day. Happy Daddy's Day a day late to all the daddies out there! We spent time with our dads yesterday. David had an okay Father's Day even though he wouldn't let me get him anything. Well, remember that when he gets to feeling neglected or something. He's the one who insisted on not getting something. I'm not taking any blame on that one. Maybe he felt guilty for not getting me an anniversay present. ;-)

One cool note is that I received one of, if not the, best compliments ever during a post tournament parent/coach party Saturday night. We were discussing male/female differences as will usually become a topic in a group situation. The other women and the men were talking about peacocks (the hosts' neighbor raises them) and how the males are the fancy ones and the females are the plain ones. I mentioned that it is that way in many bird species as well as other animals, and then I explained that human women miss that the human males have lost that trait of making big 'shows' to attract us. We like for men to whoo us and impress us and that it's not so important whether their 'show' is physical appearance or material possessions but more the amount of effort put into the 'show.' One of the guys said something like, "Damn, you're one of those smart types that'll talk you into liking it." The 'it' in question being very general. Well, that just tickled me pink. LOL I'm not used to people reading me so well like that. I'm usually the one who does all the 'reading'.

Amendment: I got to talk to my friend who was at the party to get the story's details straight since I might have forgotten some things for some reason. ;-) The missing details are that one of the guys said something about how it sucks that the men are stuck in the swamp while the women are off flying in the sky. (Well, biologically speaking I think he had that a bit backwards, but for the sake of the conversation it works out okay.) When he said that, I said, "Well, why do you think it's so great to have to be flying around all the time?" And that's when he said that I was the type that could talk you into liking the swamp. So the "it" above was actually the "swamp". Well, yeah, sure, I might could 'sell' you some swampland somewhere if you gave me a chance. ;-)


Mr. Peacock said...

I'll show you my feathers if you'll show me "it." ;-)

Rae Ann said...

Mr. P. Cock, I think we might could work out a deal.. lol

mr_g said...

I actually have some oceanfront land in Arizona I'm trying to unload...maybe you could help!