Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Whisker Biscuits and stuff

On our little roadtrip to Corvette and cave country in Kentucky we saw lots of funny things. One was Interstate "Peep" shows. We didn't go to one, but I did ask David if he wanted to since he kept mentioning them every time we saw a billboard advertising them. I had never seen that kind of thing advertised on billboards. But this was Kentucky.

Then another day we were driving on a 'back' road and I needed to find a bathroom. We stopped at a convenience store. While in the restroom I noticed one of those condom machines hanging on the wall. The sign on it said, "Gentleman's Love Kits." Well, I'd never tried one of those machines before so I figured what the heck. I put my two quarters in it and turned the knob fully expecting nothing to come out. But what did was this:

I might have laughed out loud because when I came out of the restroom the cashier looked at me funny. Maybe they had a hidden camera in there and he saw me get it out of the machine. Or it could have been the mischievous smirk on my face. But when I got to the car I showed it to David and started laughing. I don't think he knew what to think.

I didn't open it. I just put it in my purse and forgot about it. Then the other day I was looking for my lip gloss and found it again. I mashed around on it to try to feel if there was actually something in the box. It felt like a tiny balloon in there.

So this morning I decided to open it and see what exactly it was:

Yeah, that's right, some love kit, huh? If any of us needs a finger condom (blech) then we're covered. But that's the only thing it would cover. I find the whole thing totally hilarious.

Then on Sunday morning in the hotel David turned on the tv and was watching a hunting show. I heard something that I couldn't believe I was hearing. They were talking about "Whisker Biscuits." Excuse me? Did they just say Whisker Biscuits? David just laughed and said yeah, they are arrow rests for bow hunting. If you click that link you can see pictures of several varieties of Whisker Biscuits, and you'll see that they come in different sizes...

Biscuit Size Selection:
Small: Easton ACC, Axis, Slim Carbons and Aluminum shafts up to size 1816

Medium: Carbon shafts with internal components and aluminum shafts 2013 - 2117
Large: Easton Fat Boy and aluminum shafts 2212 - 2317.

Here is the Deluxe Whisker Biscuit QS:

"The Deluxe Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest® is now available with a factory installed Quick Shot Kit. The Quick Shot biscuit will compliment any bow but is perfectly suited to enhance an expandable broadhead setup. The entry slot is tapered to allow quick and easy arrow loading while preventing brush snags when stalking or walking to your stand. The sturdy design means your biscuit will not be bent or twisted and gives you the confidence to know your shot will always be on target! Optional stick-on felt pads are provided for silent arrow loading."

Now, I know nobody wants a twisted or bent biscuit, right? Especially, not their whisker biscuit.


Chris said...

That was awesome. Interstate peep shows, generic condoms and whisker biscuits all in one post.

Funny as hell.

Kristi said...

Whisker biscuits! Ha! I thought you were talking about, well, ahem...you know...girl parts.

BipolarPrincess said...

me too, hehe!

:* Princess

Rae Ann said...

chris, thanks! I never know if things are as funny to others as they are to me.

kristi, that's why I was so shocked that they actually named those things 'whisker biscuits'.

princess, can imagine some tough old redneck going to the sporting goods store and asking where he can find a whisker biscuit? LOL

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 09 05

You are hilarious! LOL! Great posts! And I will do the sexual predator mapping exercise NOW. Thx for the wonderfully informative and funny posts!

Rae Ann said...

mahndisa, thanks! I try to mix the serious and silly. Glad you like it that way!