Wednesday, November 30, 2005

File under WTF???

Lip Explosion. Yeah, that's right. Lip explosion. I was watching Animal Planet (about man eating tigers, btw) while eating lunch and this commercial came on. Sorry, but whoever named that product needs to get kicked hard in the nuts (and fed to the tigers). In fact, whoever invented that product needs to get kicked hard in the nuts (and fed to the tigers). I'm not about to spend $29.95 to explode my lips. Since when did the just-punched-in-the-mouth look become so desirable?

And with Christmas coming up I'm sure the parents of little girls everywhere are hearing pleas for Bratz Dolls and their many accessories. I've discouraged those and the My Scene Barbies. I grew up playing with Barbies and don't have such an issue with them. But these Bratz and My Scene dolls are ridiculous. I don't want my daughter growing up thinking that she's supposed to have giant, artificially puffed up lips and eyes that look like a really bad facelift. It's bad enough with the traditional Barbies and girls thinking that they are supposed to have giant, artificially puffed up breasts. Whenever we see these weird-looking dolls I mention how creepy they are. But they do make really cute accessories for them though. And at least the Bratz make big feet fashionable.

Regardless, it's just another example of the ideal female form being decided and promoted by some queers in design and marketing departments somewhere. No offense to gays. But I don't agree with the image of femininity that gay men prefer. They seem to want all women to look like drag queens. Sorry, but a real woman doesn't need all that artificial stuff (that a drag queen needs) to look feminine and pretty. And real women have curves that drag queens don't naturally have.

This is my rebellion. I am the younger of two daughters. Traditionally, the baby of the family is the rebel. Much of our lives my sister and I had the opposite roles from the usual birth order stuff. She was the rebel. But now I've found myself living a more rebellious life than she. I don't conform to many of society's expectations. I'm keeping my gray hair. I'm not getting cosmetic surgery. I'm not obsessed with my figure. And I have no desire for lips that look like I've been on the business end of a fist. I'm not injecting a toxic poison into my skin to paralyze my expression lines. I'm not getting silicone balloons put into my chest. I'm not having a huge needle jabbed under my skin to suck out the fat. I'm not having my eyes lasered so I don't have to wear glasses. I'm not bleaching my teeth down to the dentin so that they glow blue-white in the dark. I'm not interested in getting fake nails glued onto my short, real nails. If that makes me a freak then I'll just be a freak.


DHammett said...

OK, obvious Lip Explosion limited to lips, or can it be applied anywhere? ;-)

mr_g said...

I thought I had a smart ass answer for Hammett, but I'm just gonna let that one go and not touch it with a ten inch pole!

Yeah, that look really cracks me up. To me there's nothing attractive about lips that look like they've been inflated with a tire pump...well almost nothing, I mean it's a good look if you're the head cheerleader...

Rae Ann said...

dh, would you really want to put it elsewhere? Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre? lol

mr g, 10 inches! That's kind of scary... I'd have to see that to believe it. Oops, did I just say that?

BipolarPrincess said...

You forgot to mention the Bratz Halloween costumes that make 8 year old girls look like cheap hookers. They should be banned.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 01 05

I love the last paragraph of this post. Thank you! Finally someone who loves themselves and isn't ashamed to live in the skin God gave them. Refreshing and enjoyable, as usual:) Have a great day!

SierraBella said...

You Go Girl!
I don't get the plumped up lips at all.
I'm starting to get silver streaks in my hair, and thinking about letting it go natural... at least for a while.

DHammett said...

I feel it's important to support you in this, Rae Ann, so I also pledge not to dye my hair, get cosmetic surgery, inject botox, have a boob job, have liposuction, bleach my teeth, get fake nails or try lip explosion...anywhere. Let's go get freaky girl...or something like that.

Nick Danger said...

I want to confess. I bleach my teeth. It was a gift I gave myself for quitting smoking. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. I’m so vain. I’ll probably write this whole comment about me. No, I should show my support for your rebellion. I’m with ya! Freak out the squares!

Kristi said...

Yeah...Lip explosion. If I could just figure out what I put on my ass to make it blow up, I could be a millionaire in the lipstick industry too. I am au natural too. No hairdye. Light make up at work. Sort of lumpy and curvy. Go Natural Beautiful Women!!!!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I have never understood the lip thing. Now hair dye, I will probably for as long as I can get by w/ it. My Mom grayed at 20, (colored it until about 50) and I started early too about 35....I can't stand it...when the gray starts showing itself. Maybe it is a 'Being Single' thing...I don't know...but my hair is going to remain colored for now! (smiling)

Many of the plastic surgery procedures are totally out of control though...I agree w/that.

Rae Ann said...

princess, oh, yeah! Those are terrible.

mahndisa, thanks! I'm not always comfortable in my skin (and gray hair) but it's mine and I will live in it as well as I can.

sierrabella, think of them as natural highlights! I bet they look cool!

nick, you are beautiful, bleached teeth or not.

kristi, you're beautiful too! Women are supposed to be soft and curvy. Who wants to cuddle up to a skeleton?

suzie, you're beautiful too! I used to color my hair 'for fun'. But once the gray came the maintenance got to be too expensive and time consuming. I like the way my gray is coming in. It really is in the same pattern as the highlights I used to have to pay for. You'd be gorgeous even if you had no hair!

dh, nothing freakier than a couple of middle-aged people in puris naturalibus! LOL