Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Misc.

We had a good Thanksgiving. I'll write more about that soon. But today I'm just putting down some random thoughts.

1. Why doesn't Saddam Hussein wear one of those head dresses like the others on trial with him?

2. My washer is broken again.

3. My throat is getting sore again.

4. A friend was here on Saturday and started singing 'Cherry Pie' by Warrant when she saw one of my plates with a cherry pattern. Not 5 minutes later that song came on the radio. Freaky.

5. Ask me anything. Really. I got the idea from FoxNews. They have a segment called 'Because You Asked.' I will answer any questions fully and honestly to the best of my ability.


mr_g said...

1. He does, just not when he's wearing other clothing.

2. All you need is a big rock and some running water.

3. Tea with honey

4. Hair band music now in my head....aaargh!

5. If the Jews really have all the money, where the hell is my share? I'm feeling left out.

Chris said...

1. The Italian restaurant needed their tablecloth back.

2. That sucks.

3. That's just not fair. I hate when an illness comes back just as you think you're rid of it.

4. God damn it, now it's stuck in MY head!

5. Why can't I think of anything naughty to ask you? ;)

Kristi said...

1. He's angling to be the next Breck girl.

2. Pull the board from the porch band and give it a rub. Sorry, that really blows.

3. Gargle with salt water. That is what my mother always said to me when my throat hurt. Why does this work?

4. Weird. I would talk to her about Powerball or Mega Millions.

5.Why is it when I go on a diet, only my husband loses weight?

Kat said...

1. So we can check out his "naturally curly hair".

2. That sucks. My dishwasher sprung a leak and we can't use it until it is fixed, which will be after the holidays.

3. I always treat a sore throat with hot tea is best, I prefer chamomile. Green tea is supposed to be loaded with anti-oxidants.

4. I can't even remember how it goes.

5. Why do I only like my husband when he isn't here?

Sylvana said...

What is your washer doing? Maybe it is time for a new one. I remember one time my washer wasn't working and I didn't want to pay some one to fix it, so I took it apart to see if I could fix it. I couldn't find anything that needed fixing, so I put it back together and it magically started working again. I guess you could try that.

My second question is: why do I always get the 12letter+ all smushed up word verifications?

Nick Danger said...

What was the original purpose intentede for rubber bands?