Friday, July 01, 2005

You think YOU'RE crazy?

digging up some real old shit:


psychotic mumbles jumble
my element obscure
the part of me that waits
and waits for some cure

it's getting stronger
building mazes
I blurt out words
and nonsense phrases

do all rank suffer?
am I just strange?
these thoughts do plague me
and begin to derange

be free my breasts
be free my mind
I want to be me
and never be blind

death is an orgasm
death is a cure
but I don't want it
that's for sure

give me a drug
or let me be free
do you like my thinking
as deep as the sea

now I have taken
the step to the end
I feel so much better
with the universe I blend

That's dedicated to Tom "Fucking RE-TARD" Cruise.

12 comments: said...

Hey, I was just out cruising Blogs and dropped by. Just wanted to say I like your Blog. Keep up the great work!

BipolarPrincess said...

I love it!!! Do I only understand because I too am crazy? Who cares, I love it! You go girl!

Boycott Tom Cruise

madman said...

RAE-ANN--Good post--but you are making me feel old when I consider real old stuff from the 60's.

Rae Ann said...

Steve, thanks for dropping by. I'll check you link.

Princess, I'm so glad that you like it too. I AM a crazy Hoe.

Sorry, madman, I feel the same way when people talk about 'old' movies from the 70s and 80s. I was born in the 60s, does that make me real old? LOL

Hermes said...

Rae Ann. Very pretty piece. I love the staccato word-play... your point is delivered brilliantly.

mr_g said...

That was cool! The dedication might have put you on the enemies of scientology, congratulations too! Great post!

Nick Danger said...

i dig

Rae Ann said...

hermes, thanks, wow!

mr g, I don't mind making enemies with scientologists.

mr danger, thanks!

Superhappyjen said...

I can't imagine someone truly crazy who can we so rhythmic and rhyming.

No_Newz said...

Yeah that fucker went from hot to not in like 2.2 seconds of opening his big dumb mouth.
Lois Lane

gina said...

no. (I don't think you are crazy either; for the record- I think "crazy" can't function in society. Everyone else is merely interesting. :) )

Rae Ann said...

jen, thanks. that is a really old poem though.

lois, yeah.

gina, you're so wise. Like Yoda, didn't mr danger say that somewhere?