Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 40!


(on right is my Mister, David, and on left is my Hoe Daddy)

I hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day celebration. Here in Hoeland we had a big shindig with probably around 30 pounds of ribs and chicken with all the other fixin's (David cooked all day) like cole slaw, baked beans (from scratch, not from a can), corn on the cob, deviled eggs, potato salad, banana pudding, and more. My Mister's birthday is today, but we usually celebrate it on the 4th since everyone is together. And yes, he's 40. He seems to be taking it well. But in the photo above he's trying to look mean about it. On the left is my Hoe Daddy. He looks great for 68 doesn't he? There were about 20 here, mostly in-laws. It was a grand time, especially the fireworks show.

Speaking of, I found myself thinking, wow, we must have money to burn to have such a stockpile of explosives (photo coming soon, it's on film). I was told it was $500 worth, but a little bird (a.k.a Hoe Daddy) told me that it was actually double that. Wow! But I reminded myself that this man who has made so many of my dreams come true rarely asked for things, especially for a milestone birthday. This is the man who bought me a red Corvette convertible for the usually ho(e)-hum birthday #37, and if he wants to spend a $1000 on a gorgeous display of the male 'bringing-home-the-fire' power then I'm down with that. I think our show exceeded that of most small towns. It was really cool!

I'll be posting more about our celebration of our nation's birthday. There is much more to tell.

Happy 40th Birthday David! I love ya!


BipolarPrincess said...

I've missed you! Happy birthday to hubby!

No_Newz said...

Happy 40th David Hoe!
That's a heck of a lot of film can't wait to see the pictures. :)
Lois Lane

Nick Danger said...

Happy 40th David! One Thousand clams! Way to blow shit up!!!

Rae Ann said...

princess, I missed you too! It about killed me yesterday. I didn't get to go online all day.

yeah, Lois, there's a funny story attached to some of the pics. Well, they are funny to me. They might not be to any of you. We'll see.

mr danger, it was a site to behold. It took about 45 minutes to blow it all up.

gina said...

loved by a hoe
celebrated with BBQ
lit up the sky when all that shit blew!
here's wishing you
many more to come
maybe if I had cafeine
this poem wouldn't be so dumb.
Happy Belated (no offense, I'm just flat out these days) 40th Mister Hoe!!!!

Rae Ann said...

gina! That's GREAT! I'm printing that out and giving it to him.