Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Woman of His Dreams

My best friend's brother is an aspiring film-maker in LA. He has a short film in a contest for a Dreamworks mentorship. The more views and good reviews it gets the better his chances. Please take 5 minutes of you time to view it. I just watched it, and I think it is absolutely stunning - visually and pacing and all those other qualities that make good films. You can sign up to post a review, but it isn't necessary to sign up to view his or the other films.

Please watch it and help Walt in pursuing his film-making dreams:

The Woman of His Dreams by Walt Foreman (click it!)

You won't regret it! Thanks!


Bee said...

Hi RaeAnn,

no, I don't regret it. Very interesting indeed. I wish him the best luck with his movie!

What am I to make out of the sentence

'It is so perfect, it has to be real?'

I somehow suspect that I will go on thinking about it the whole day...

Besides this, sorry to say, but I absolutely don't like the intro, very sloppy sound and cuts. Best,


eatmisery said...

How's your father-in-law doing?

Rainypete said...

Nice! Is this for that TV show they're flogging?