Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Falling Down (or live and let die 2)

"Is it me, or has Snow White developed an attitude lately?"

See, even Show White is fed up. :-) Comic orginally published in June 2002 Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Sorry for the "bleed through" of the opposite page.

Remember the 1993 movie Falling Down? It was about a guy who flipped out because of all the stupidity around him. Kind of like deciding to Live and Let Die.

Well, welcome to the bitchfest. Protective gear is recommended, and I can't be held responsible for "collateral damage." ;-)

Political Correctness Disclaimer: You must feel sorry for me and indulge my digression from rationality and niceness as I am a victim - a poor downtrodden minority who has suffered much abuse. That, and I've got a "mental condition" and might even be "autistic." But don't worry, I've got respect for SUVs. ;-)


Rae Ann said...

Okay, this is really bad to admit but I really cracked myself up with that one. Please excuse my delusions of grandeur, but I'm even funnier than Ann Coulter. ;-)

Rainypete said...

Bwahahahahaaaa. I just hope my wife doesn't' start embroidering for me like that!!