Sunday, March 11, 2007

Colombian Protests

Currently, Colombian students are violently protesting President Bush's visit. I am quite certain that these students are brainwashed by Communist Socialist and whatever other extremists into believing that the US is evil. Well, if the US is so evil then I think they shouldn't accept the $700,000,000+ aid that the US sends there. We could definitely use that much money here in the US for many causes like border security, tax relief, health care, or any other programs that would benefit American citizens who would probably be somewhat more grateful.

It's very angering to hear about these countries who love our money but hate us. Well, withdraw the money and let them fend for themselves. Piss on them.

I want my roughly $2,000,000 [oops! that was some ultra-liberal math there, ;-), no more posts done in blind anger]. Sorry about that huge error! Move along, nothing to see here...


The Guy said...

Hi Rae,

Well, there's 300 million Americans so that'd be about $2.5 a piece, about enough to buy a nice espresso. Of course if you're talking tax payers then it's down another 100 million or so (minus children, elderly, welfare parasites, drug users, criminals etc.) so maybe enough for one meal.

But I totally agree with you about not giving money to those who profess to hate us. It isn't as if the money is a bribe so they'll play our game. It was given without condition and can be withheld without condition. Plus I would really enjoy that espresso.

This points out the great disaster that our "government" has become (again...) when they are so unresponsive to changing world events that they continue to finance those who seek to harm us.

Have a great day, just to spite 'em.

Rae Ann said...

Oh yeah, oops! Reminder to self: no more angry posts that upset my math abilities! ;-)

But if you added all the other aid to the rest of the world, my original figure might be not so off. ;-) Silly me.

dhammett said...

Your post makes a great point, though, math notwithstanding. We give billions or trillions yearly in aid around the world. Yet, we run a deficit in our budget, we have programs (especially the military) which could legitimately use addional funding, we have infrastructure to maintain or upgrade and we have taxes that are way too high, yet we give money to governments whose loyalty to us is questionable at best. Colombia, despite the student protest, is one of our best allies in South America.

The United States can be entirely self-sufficient...we don't really need countries around the world. Let's close the borders to everybody except good, reliable allies, and keep our money at home. Then, let 'em criticize. Who cares? And the next time France's (or Canada's or Mexico's or fill-in-the-blank's) t**s are in a ringer (please excuse the expression), let them find someone else to bail them out. Maybe our foreign aid to France ought to be a lifetime supply of white flags.

rafa said...

Dear Rae Ann,

I had the opportunity to visit Colombia three years ago. I understand how irritating can be for a US citizen to see all this hate againts the US despite of the huge financial aid. But believe me, that is not the general feeling. They just make more noise. Honest colombians, the majority, and specially those supporting Mr.Uribe understand vey well and the essential role played by the US and really appreciate the financial aid. They do not hate the US. They hate Mr.Chavez in Venezuela and its leftism/populism which I call, that simple, communism. So keep helping countries which want to grow as free democracies in a free world. They need you guys. Well done.

Rae Ann said...

Thanks, guys, and you're right. I probably should have just deleted this post when I came to my senses.

I really don't have a problem with Colombia, and actually one of my best friends was adopted from there when she was three years old. I would love to be able to visit there someday. Maybe my friend and I can go. She hasn't been back there since she was adopted.

Again, I apologize for the knee-jerk reaction.