Friday, March 02, 2007

Good Reading

Sorry, no more progress on the skating post. But I'd like to recommend you to visit Guy the Savage Farmer because he has some great, informative posts in addition to some pretty snow pictures if you are like me and don't get to see the real thing. ;-)

One of his posts about the silliness of global warming inspired this comment from me:

Have you noticed the drastic changes in the Weather Channel in the last 10 years? It used to be a kind of basic weather reporting station with no fancy shows and bells and whistles. But now it's a highly produced and flashy "news network". I don't think it's a coincidence that these changes in TWC have correlated to the global warming hysteria. Actually, if I unshackle my imagination, I can see that they have a very large hand and interest in the global warming fiasco. Extreme weather insures high ratings. Someone should infiltrate their headquarters and dig up the memos suggesting how they can increase ratings and their income by creating a global climate 'situation'. ;-)

The reason I'm putting it up here is because it seems I'm on a bit of a 'hot streak' with predictive observations, and since I'm a wannabe scientist this is kind of an experiment to see if this particular line of thought will continue the trend. Bear with me. ;-)


Bee said...

Hi Rae Ann,

I'm looking forward to your skating post! I just love figure skating. It's one of the little sports that I like to watch on TV (the other ones being floor exercises and high diving). There is this BBC movie on string theory were you see Kaku figure skating (not bad at all), have you seen that? The documentary was really professionally made... (quite dramatic) will see if I find the link. Best,


Bee said...

Oh wow, I'm impressed by myself, I am sooo organized, here is the link

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