Sunday, October 01, 2006

Targeted Advertising

I was doing some reading about Foley to find out if he was married or what. I didn't know that it was rumored that he's gay until I found this article, "Is He Gay?" It is from 2003. I wonder if he was chasing underage boys back then too? Anyway, I'm not devoting any more space to that. What really struck me about this webpage was one of the rotating ads on the sidebar. Really, you've got to see it. I don't know how to copy or link to that kind of thing so just click it and look.

It's an ad for a resort in Costa Rica. When I first saw it I was somehow entranced (really, I watched it for way too long, lol) by it's strange selection of images: a full-frontal picture of a monkey eating something off a big Budda head followed by a picture of a shirtless, gay-looking guy sitting in what looks like a fancy bar and then two typical landscape pictures. Okay, the monkey nuts in Budda's face is just plain freaky. It's not even subliminal. Is that something that appeals to gay men? Or is that just an unfortunate choice of images? And then that half naked guy in a bar with chandeliers? If that's not gay then I don't know what is.

Well, my curiosity gets the best of me sometimes so I had to check out this resort's website to see if it was just for gay men. I half expected to find something pretty wild, but the resort's website is 'normal'. (Actually, the place looks really cool and has a bar in a cave.) I wonder how they ended up with a gay-targeted ad? I wonder how it's working for them?

I certainly intend no offense to gay men or women. I'm just noticing the advertising on the website.

I've had a "mild" migraine all day (woke up with it). I think it's because I saw an ad for a migraine prescription in a magazine last night. Maybe there is some kind of "migraine trigger" in those ads because every time I see one I end up with one. It's almost as if seeing the ad 'reminds' me that I haven't had a headache in a while so it's time to have one now. Well, it would probably increase their sales if they had ads that prompted migraines. Someone should find out if there is a relationship between seeing the ads and getting headaches. It could be a real effect like the "white coat hypertension". ;-)

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