Monday, October 02, 2006

Subscribe to this blog

I've recently added buttons on the sidebar that allow readers to subscribe and get new posts without having to actually visit the blog. I've discovered how incredibly convenient it is to subscribe to my favorite blogs and be able to read their updates all in one place without having to 'skip around the internet'. It's very efficient and organized! One button says "Sign Up- bloglines" and the other is the speaker-looking thing which is for Feedburner. Either one works fine, but Feedburner gives you more "reader" options. Don't be afraid of this new stuff! It's good. Now I just have to get me a stinking Ipod. Am I the only person in the US without one already?


Mexican bandido from The Treasure of Sierra Madre said...

Ipods? We don't need no steenking ipods.

Kat said...

Even I have an Ipod and I'm usually the last to get anything. Of course I won it as a door prize and probably wouldn't have one yet if I hadn't. lol. I did notice the price of the one I won has dropped $30 since I won it. :)