Sunday, October 01, 2006


Not that this is a reflection of my own underwear collection. But I've always thought those old-fashioned bloomers are cute.

I've always been a "global warming" skeptic, even way back when they first started talking about it. My mom read Al Gore's 1992 book and told me about it, but it just didn't make sense to me that there is a global environmental disaster created by man. I didn't really know why it didn't make sense though. It just didn't. But over the years I've learned more about things and have also learned that I'm not the only skeptic. And the other skeptics I've met are pretty smart ;-) which helped me 'out of the closet' of SGWS (Silent Global Warming Skepticism), which I suspect is fairly common. However, I do accept that our climate is changing because change is expected given the history of our planet. The Earth's climate has always changed and evolved and Life right there with it.

I've been studying the satellite images of the Earth that NASA shares on their websites. I've read their interpretations of the data. And I've also made my own conclusions.

In looking at all the satellite images it's clear that temperature and life are positively correlated. Lubos Motl explains that the Southern Hemisphere isn't warming in the same way as the Northern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere has a greater concentration/distribution of life than the Southern Hemisphere, so that makes sense.

So, what am I saying anyway? I've got a terrible headache today. I think I was saying that it is our destiny to live on a changing planet and to either adapt to it or not. There is no other alternative. We cannot stop Destiny. It will happen if it wants to no matter how hard we might try to stop it. We don't have that much influence on Destiny or Evolution or Climate Change. We are part of the whole. We and all of our 'waste' products are part of the whole. The Global Warming advocates that say we are 'ruining' the planet are just stuck in some Anthropic delusions of grandeur. If humans are supposed to go extinct it will happen whether we choke on our own waste or whether the planet belches a supervolcano or whether a comet or asteroid collides with the planet. No, that's not 'scientific' exactly, but it's the truth. ;-)

Sometimes Life and Destiny don't turn out the way we imagined they would. We find things of value in the least likely of places, and sometimes we recognize those 'diamonds in the rough' and sometimes we don't because we often overlook or reject things that don't match our preset expectations. It's human nature to sometimes be disappointed by the appearance of things and to sometimes misinterpret appearances. But if we dig a little deeper and focus less on the superficial we will find that the answers are there.

(this isn't exactly a complete presentation of my thoughts about global warming, etc. but I'm just trying to get rid of some mental odds and ends)


baba said...

those 18th century underwears sure are ugly.

Rae Ann said...

baba, welcome! Nice to see you here. I kind of like those old-fashioned undies though I can't say I have any like them. I've spent my life trying to keep my undies out of my butt, so thongs are out of the question. If someone wants to see my bare butt-cheeks, then I'll just get naked. ;-)