Saturday, September 16, 2006

Islamic Reformation

This is just a brief note because I don't really have time to say a lot. But I think it's time for an Islamic Luther. It seems that the Islamic faith really needs some reformation in a similar way as how Luther reformed Christianity and created the Protestant Tradition.


Rainypete said...

A hammer a nail and a mosque later there would be even more conflict. I like the idea, but I can't help but think it would be the fuse that sets the whole smoldering mess spectacularly ablaze.

Rae Ann said...

rainypete, yes, it probably would inflame things quite a lot, even more than Luther did in his day. But sometimes for progress there does have to be a certain amount of conflict and/or destruction, especially in a system of beliefs that actually calls for conflict to solve problems. They really do want their Holy War, but they try to claim that *we* are the ones trying to begin a new "Crusades". I'd respect them more (though that's not to imply any admiration) if they would just stop it with the 'blame game'.