Monday, September 25, 2006

Brain's Gone Bad

This is the humorous way for my husband to describe when I'm not functioning at my usual level. Two out of three kids with confirmed strep throat, and now my throat is sore. This week isn't looking to be real good. Feel free to argue amongst yourselves...

Here are some possible topics:

Bill Clinton is a liar and will always be a liar and now he's a liar and a bully too.

The economy is great.

Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie are the biggest skanks ever.

McDonald's has the best fast food fries.

Health Insurance companies are the spawn of the Devil and should be abolished.

It's becoming more and more of an advantage to be an illegal alien than a citizen of the USA. Where do I turn in my citizenship?


CapitalistImperialistPig said...

Strep sucks - my sympathy and best wishes for quick recoveries for all.

Clinton - liar and bully? Maybe so, but I won't waste any sympathy on Chris Wallace. Bush - Also liar and bully. His lying and bullying gets Americans killed by the thousands. He's also really stupid.

So is his economy.

Next two topics get no publicity from me.

Health insurance companies have the best Congress they can buy. Too bad some benighted voters elected that crook Frist.

DHammett said...

Point no. 1 is well-taken. I didn't see the interview with Wallace, and I'm not one to sympathize with the media, but that leopard can't change his spots. And oh yeah, didn't he bomb an aspirin factory under the guise of stamping out terrorism?

The S&P finally is approaching the levels it was at five years ago before the terrorist attacks and its subsequent tanking. It's about time, but the big picture economy is a s good as it's been in a while. Bad news for dems, I think.

I wouldn't use Hilton in the same sentence as. Jolie.

Agreed about the fries. And the egg mcmuffin is the single best breakfast sandwich going. You can keep the rest of their menu, though.

Health insurance companies, the entire medical and pharmaceutical profession and lawyers ought to be taken behind the woodshed and given a what for.

Despite the misguided notions of giving illegals amnesty, drivers licenses, free educations and the like, I wouldn't trade my citizenship here for anywhere else. Unless, maybe, you offered me the papacy. Pope Hammett I...I kind of like that. :-)

DHammett said...

Oh, yeah...feel better.

Rae Ann said...

cip, sorry no one took you up for a fight. I don't quite have a fight in me either right now. But you're still getting roasted eventually. ;-)

Pope Hammett, I suppose you'll be expecting a ride/drive in the corvette now too? ;-) I might be a little harsh on Angelina, but my intuition tells me "skank". She'll end up breaking poor Brad Pitt's heart.

And about that citizenship, if you think about it in terms of value for what we pay for it, it's losing value really fast (like a bad stock). But don't take that as me not being a patriotic American because I still love my country and what it's *supposed* to stand for. Unfortunately, it's not yet clear to me how the future will be. Ask again later. At least, that's what the Magic Eight Ball said. ;-)

Anonymous said...

for some reason, liberals hate Americans and Israelis, go figure.