Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things that keep me from blogging...

1. Daily Confession. I have to read all the daily confessions and talk back to them if I feel so inclined.

2. Kids and school stuff.

3. Housework.

4. Busted scanner and no way to connect digital camera to computer.

5. Centipede.

6. Office work and responsibilities. (this one is low on the list because I'm such a slacker)

7. Slowness in reading and writing.

8. Lack of inspiration for good posts.

I'm sorry to all the bloggers that I usually read. I'm having trouble getting my shit together these days. Don't give up on me!


DHammett said...

Do you really read Daily Confession? Been there ever so's pretty lame. The other reasons are great, though. Except I don't buy the slowness in reading and writing one. And in this day and age, how can one help but be inspired? There's so much material out there I could be a stand-up comic, if only I were funny.

JohnGalt said...

I love Daily Confession. And it loves me too!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Don't forget that awesome Christmas present too for that list. (LOL) Do miss ya...though.

Footprint said...

Is there a time frame for getting your shit together?? Will you be adding limestone at any point to improve shit consistency??

Footprint said...

see also ISHTY and Postcard Secret

Rae Ann said...

footprint, I don't know. If there is I haven't found it yet. Thanks for those links. I've seen the Postcard Secret one. It's wild.