Friday, January 13, 2006

Application Question #1

Anyone can answer even if you aren't applying to be my boss.

This is a multi-part question:

1. What is your favorite James Bond movie and why?

2. Which Bond do you prefer- Connery, Moore, What's-His-Name, or Bronsnan? Or that one guy who did only one Bond movie? And why?

3. If you were James Bond describe your current femme fatale. What is her name? What is her appeal? What is her danger? What is her demise? (Feel free to be as descriptive as you need to be. I like details.)

4. Which Bond Movie Theme is your favorite? And why?

5. And finally, which Bond movie do you think is the absolute worst one? And why?

(Apologies if we have already discussed any of these subjects here in the past. I'm getting old and my memory isn't what it used to be.)


Kat said...

First I need to point out that I haven't seen a whole lot of James Bond movies, so if I leave out a good one, I may have just not seen it.

1. Every time Bronsnan makes a new one that becomes my favorite. They just keep getting better.

2. I think I just answered that one in number 1. lol. Because I just love Bronsnan, he can be a total cad, but looks like he feels really bad about it! His accent is just PERFECT. And he's soooo yummy. Do you know they wanted him for Bond YEARS ago, but he was still doing Remmington Steele and couldn't. Yeah, I watched those too.

3. I'm not sure how to answer this one. Or maybe I just still have Bronsnan on the brain.

4. Ack. I can't remember them all! But I did like the one Shena Easton did, (did I get her name right?) "For your eyes only". I love that song.

5. The worst one? Probably the one with that guy who nobody can remember!

I would like to point out that I Sean Connery is one of the most classic gorgeous guys, but I think he looked better as he aged. And I really prefer his newer movies to his old Bond movies.

Rainypete said...

1. Goldfinger, by far, is my absolute favourite. When I get rich and own the world I will have alarge man with a hat of death at my disposal too.

2. Sean Connery. His smartass smirk and inherent charm are winners by far.

3. Her name would be Helen Bach. She would, of course, be the girlfriend of the current villain. She would meet an untimely end when she is sacrificed by the villain to save his own hide. Just one more crime for which he will be made to pay.

4. Goldfinger again. Who couldn't get lost in Shirley Bassey's throaty croon through this little number. How excited am I that she has the distinction of being the chanteuse with the most appearances? Oh yeah baby!

5. Poor George Lazenby. His horrid acting wasn't helped by the lame writing for On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Maybe it was the though of Bond settling down that did it, but this movie was a stinker.

DHammett said...

1. Dr. No. There's nothing like the original. And Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder! Then throw in Jack Lord (McGarrett, Hawaii-50) as an American good guy. How can you beat it?

2. Peter Sellers: remember Casino Royale? OK, really, Sean Connery. There's nothing like the original.

3. The femme fatale has already made her appearance, standing out as the bright spot in a dismal film: Diana Rigg in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Yeah, I know she wasn't really a femme fatale, but she's everything I'd be looking for. And based on her Avengers work, I'd have to look out for her karate moves...not. Her demise: nothing so long as I'm (Bond is) there to save her. Another reason not to like Lazenby...he's right next to her when she gets killed.

4. Casino Royale. Not a traditional Bond theme, but fun and perfect for the non-traditional Bond movie.

5. The Man with the Golden Gun. Three nipples? Yecchhh!

Rae Ann said...

kat, Bronsnan is good, but the first Bond I knew was Moore so he'll always be The One to me. I totally agree about Connery being better as he's aged. The young Connery just wasn't that sexy, but now he's pretty hot! lol

rainypete, good answers!

dh, you know more about Bond than I do. I'm a Roger Moore type. My favorites are The Spy Who Loved Me, Octopussy, and For Your Eyes Only. I posted the lyrics to those songs on the lyrics blog because they are my favorites. But I do like Herb Alpert. The worst ever to me was A View to a Kill.