Sunday, October 05, 2008

Viruses of the Soul

Title comes from a previous post, Broken-Hearted Savior.

Dawkins calls religion "viruses of the mind." The viruses of the soul are hubris, greed, and other purely human traits that separate us from God/Love. The war on religion and God that so many militant atheists are trying to fight is nothing less than an attack on the Freedom of Thought which is the root of our First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech and Religion. It's terribly unfortunate that 'distinguished' scholars can't or won't see that, ignoring it like a (spiritual) mole that is destined to become a malignant melanoma (of the soul).

As we've seen so dramatically in recent days and weeks, all these viruses of the soul have overwhelmed humanity and is seriously threatening its health overall.

Hubris, greed, intolerance, condescension, bigotry, hatred, maliciousness, treachery, and on and on and on. There are too many viruses that have overtaken most of the souls in the world.

I feel sick to my stomach knowing that there are so many evil, rotten people in the world and that they are somehow controlling us all. My heart is broken to see all the providential principles upon which our country was formed being throw in the trash. It breaks my heart to hear supposed allies betraying and belittling those of us who cling to our righteousness. Well, all you hateful and heartless atheists, see where you are taking things now? Are you happy to see all the good things die? Does the world really look like it's that much better without God, or faith in something other than your human hubris? I don't see it.

I don't want to stay in a world so full of pestilent souls. If there is such a thing as the Rapture, I want it now. The humanity is very, very sick and I want away from it.


The Guy said...

Young lady if you keep up that sort of thing you're gonna get such a spanking!

Hubris? Hubris is sitting in judgment of those same evil people. They are to be pitied and cared for with infinite patience. Only this way can a child be taught and those who close their minds, as the so-called atheist does, are amongst the most childish of souls.

The lord put you here, without a rapturist escape, just for the purpose of facing these challenges. Would you spurn his lessons?

Be of good cheer, Rae Ann. Nothing pisses off a liberal elite atheist more than a happy christian.

Rae Ann said...

Yes, your absolutely correct. Thanks so much for the stern talking to that I needed. ;-)

Rae Ann said...

You're correct, that is. Early morning typos!

The Guy said...

What are friends for? Kicking your ass when your letting it slip.

Irony: they had Dawkins on SouthPark last night wherein he was having sex with Mr/Mrs. Garrison (post sex change operation) the best line was a quote from dawkins "it isn't enough to be right, you've got to be a dick to everyone about it."

So it is easy to understand how you'd get frustrated.

The Guy said...

Sorry, "you're letting it"... morning typo monster strikes again.