Monday, June 18, 2007

Very Cute Car

Photo from Business Week.

I've been seeing these incredibly cute little roadsters lately and was very surprised to learn that they are made by Saturn. They are the Saturn SKY. Well, actually, the really cute ones are the Red Line series.

I have to say it's about 89% as cute as my Corvette. Maybe that's because it looks a little to me like baby Corvette. ;-)

It has an Ecotec engine and is supposed to be pretty peppy, but from the information on the webpages it doesn't outperform a Corvette in either fuel efficiency or power (260 hp vs. 345 hp). And even though a new SKY is about half the price of a new Corvette, I'm not about to go trade my vette for a SKY. But dang, they sure are cute little head-turners. And I'm not usually so easily impressed with new cars anymore.

Well, kudos to General Motors. Some American cars are still pretty cool.

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John Prue said...

This is one flashy car! The style and exterior is one-of-a-kind. Riding a Saturn SKY on the road can definitely help you draw everyone's attention.