Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dear Paris Hilton,

You are the ultimate example of a spoiled rotten moron. You mother should be given at least 50 lashes for producing such a bad offspring. I just saw a "Hilton family" (of hotels) commercial that spouts, "Be Hospitable." What kind of propagandacrap is that? Sometimes I'm tempted to believe that people should have to pass some sort of intelligence test to be allowed to have a certain amount of money. You are such a poor example of humanity that it turns me into a semi-fascist!

Unfortunately, people in other parts of the world see you and your ridiculous antics and assume that all Americans are that way. You are such a bad representative of Americans that you should be imprisoned just for that alone. And your mother (and father) should be held up as example of How Not To Be Parents. It's sickening. Almost more so than the bad chicken nuggets from Chik-Fil-A than have knocked me out for several days.

Honestly, I think you are some kind of subhuman species. You should be sterilized before you reproduce.


Vicious Momma

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