Saturday, June 09, 2007

This Is Good

DuPont and agricultural processor Tate & Lyle have started production in a new $100 million corn polymer processing plant in Loudon, TN, near Knoxville.

The clear liquid compound can replace, and the companies say can improve upon, petroleum-based ingredients. The results could be fabrics that can take dyes more brilliantly, carpets that are naturally stain resistant, face creams that are gentler to the skin and airplane de-icers that are biodegradable.

The companies tell The Associated Press they'll use 40% less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by producing the polymer from corn sugar instead of petroleum-based feedstocks.

Customers already lining up include carmaker Toyota and carpet manufacturer Mohawk.


I wish that WBIR had the video of their news story on this from yesterday because it explained very well how this stuff is made and how it makes better than petroleum-based plastics and other materials. Also, from the economic point of view, this kind of development is GOOD for everyone. It helps the consumers and the farmers and the investors and the environment. Even if we aren't too concerned about global warming it is always good to improve the way we do things for many other reasons. And I think that instead of using scare tactics to force government mandates to "control greenhouse emissions" we should let the market do its job of evolving and improving as this example illustrates.

Dupont and Tate & Lyle's website has more information about their BioProducts.

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