Thursday, November 06, 2008

The People Spoke

And that is the American Way. Congratulations and good luck to Obama and his team. They certainly do have a big job ahead of them. I do realize the historical significance of these days and I appreciate being witness to them. Despite whatever angry things I've said during the campaign I am reserving judgment about an Obama Presidency until we see what exactly he does. He does have some pretty powerful mojo.

Incidentally, I think that Michelle Obama should hire Korto, the runner-up in Project Runway 5, to design her Inauguration gown. I always liked Korto's designs and thought that she should have won. I was impressed with her creativity and skilled construction.


The Guy said...

here's a giggle for ya:
yeah, I'm just sitting back and waiting for my Obama miracle. The dems have promised us so much I can't wait to see them pull a gold monkey out their butts.

How racist would I be if I called Michelle O "The First Mama" ?

Rae Ann said...

That video is hilarious! I think I've worn out all my worries, etc, for now. In the stock market talk I guess it's "capitulation."

I don't think that "The First Mama" is racist. Maybe if you said "The First Baby-Mama". ;-) Check out this video:

Ann said...

I loved that pale cafe-colored, one-shouldered Korto evening gown! I think Michelle Obama would look fabulous in it. Any of those Korto dresses would be huge improvement over that red and black dress on election night.

Rae Ann said...

Hi Ann! Yes, that one is very nice. And neutral. I also like the bright green dresses (but made longer for a real person) except that the color green has been hijacked by the AGW bunch. While watching the episodes of Project Runway some of their projects involved designing clothes for "real" people instead of just models, and Korto's were always very flattering and well-made. I'm sure she could makes something stunning for M.O.