Thursday, September 18, 2008

White Trash and Proud of It

Canadian columnist, Heather Mallick, has called Sarah Palin's supporters "white trash" and has said Alaska is full of "drunks and crazy people," as well as saying very insulting things about Palin's teenage daughter's boyfriend.

Well, Ms. Mallick, I'm a white trash redneck and proud of it. And I think you and all of your Canadian elitists should be taken out behind the woodshed, or outhouse, ;-) and be whipped with some hickory branches, or maybe even some thorny blackberry branches. What you people just don't have is any respect for anyone who is different from you, and to me, that is much, much worse than being a country bumpkin or redneck.

I'm really shocked at the hatred directed at all of us normal people. But I guess I'm not that shocked about the hypocrisy spouted by so-called feminists and other rabid liberal opinionists.

Now here's this Mary Mitchell who says,
"Sarah Palin makes me sick. I hate that she was able to steal Barack Obama's mojo just by showing up wearing rimless glasses and a skirt."

Well, you know what, Obama makes me sick with all his lies and cheap shots and fake "change" based on what, class conflict and pitting the "haves" against the "have-nots" instead of focusing on the the real source of the trouble which is the very corruption in which he's been so entrenched and well-funded. Call me a racist if it makes you feel better, but it's not the color of his skin that makes me sick. It's his actions and character, or lack thereof. And there is no way you can compare me to that black columnist who hates Palin just because she's a white woman who "stole" Obama's "mojo."

And Wendy Doniger, Professor of the History of Religions, University of Chicago’s Divinity School, goes so far as to say this:

Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman.

Wow, now what exactly is the liberal feminist definition a woman? This is insane! I can't believe someone who is supposed to be well-educated could be so stupid. Well, actually, I'm not that surprised because of how many of these types I've encountered in my perusal of some "academic" blogs. Anyway, thirty years ago in the black community Obama wouldn't have been consider a "real" black because of his white mother. Oh, but I'm not allowed to say anything like that because that would make me a racist or something. Oh, God forbid I should even hint at some mildly race-related comment about the liberal Sacred Cow Pig, Obama.

And then there are other snobbish, elitist "academics" who proudly proclaim their hatred for Sarah Palin and try to defend their hatred by diminishing all of Palin's accomplishments by saying that she's just a "token feminist." And also claims that her hatred is justified because she thinks Palin is "rich." Great, that's such a perfect "academic-like" reason for hating anyone. ;-)

And really, all of this proud hatred is just completely stunning and unprecedented. I'm pretty sure that there wasn't even a fraction of this kind of elated hatred spouted so blatantly and cavalierly about black people back in the days when the civil rights movement was just beginning. I mean, wow, I just can't believe it.

You know what I really think, and this is not because of any hatred for anyone, is that all those who are so proud of their intolerance and ill will towards "white trash" or "rednecks" or Sarah Palin who actually does represent a great many normal, average women should be gathered up and whipped to shreds with those thorny blackberry branches until they learn the real meaning and consequences of their hatred.

Call me an evil conservative bitch if you like, but it's about time that those of us who have been so denigrated for so long stood up and said, "Enough, already!"

After all, no one ever said that democracy was supposed to be easy. ;-)

The Vicious Momma has spoken. Amen, go in peace. ;-)

PS In case anyone reads this and is somehow disappointed, please understand that the point of this post is to hold up a mirror and reflect back to all those intolerant haters exactly how ugly their hatred looks. To my liberal friends whom I love and don't want to offend, I know that not all liberals, feminists, etc are so full of hatred as the examples in this post.


Neil' said...

Rae Ann, you wrote:

"What you people just don't have is any respect for anyone who is different from you, and to me, that is much, much worse than being a country bumpkin or redneck.

I'm really shocked at the hatred directed at all of us normal people."

Well, I can sympathize with your being defensive for "rednecks" facing criticism say, for being rural instead of urban etc. (and my parents were both from farming families "but" became educated and intelligent people, even rather "cosmopolitan", heh.) But that doesn't justify the contempt going the other way around either - as it so often does. I remember people ridiculing John Kerry for wind surfing, or liberals for *not* liking NASCAR, etc. - well, you can't have it both ways (and you could well not be trying to, but many *are* trying to!) Much of the complaining about "elites" is not really that they think they're better than others, but at contempt for their culture in turn.

Finally, what makes you so sure that "average people" are so smart or wise anyway? Surveys have shown how little most people know, how easily they are swayed, etc. That is actually true, not an "elitist" fantasy. Watch "Jay-walking" some night and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing against "regular folk", but do not believe they are fit to govern a country.
There are many, many things that need to be understood in order to properly lead a nation, and represent it to the rest of the world, and a HS diploma or even college degree just won't cut it.
A complex and sophisticated worldview ( please see works by D.r Bandura for an explanation of this stunning term and theory) and critical mind with a scientist's skepticism is a requirement to even attempt to grasp the complexities of the world.
Someone who reads a book written by old geysers 2000 years ago (and has no knowledge or interest in its historical and cultural context), believes his/her actions to be a mission from an invisible man in the sky, and holds on to the ignorance of yesteryear with pride, not only is not fit to lead, but also very dangerous to be allowed to do so.
Look, you can bask in your lack of education all you want, but realize that in order to have the safe and comfy life you do, you are 100% dependent on those of us who have taken the time to learn and better our selves and minds.
If "regular folks" should govern, then maybe we should trust them to be doctors, lawyers, architects, meteorologists and astronauts.
Now THAT is scary...

Rae Ann said...

Dear Neil,

Please go and read some of my other posts so you would see what I really believe instead of basing it on this one post which you didn't seem to actually "get." Where have I directed any *hatred* towards those who consider themselves "elite"? I don't hate them. I just like to point out their inconsistencies. ;-)

And what too many people always forget is that the "normal, average" who are the *majority* of our population *should* bet the ones the government really represents, regardless of how dumb you might think they are. For more about this, look at my response to the anonymous coward's comment after yours. Thanks. :-)

Rae Ann said...

Dear anonymous coward,

You are the perfect example of an elite who doesn't have a clue as to what the real world looks like.

Please answer me this. Do you honestly think that all the people you think I'm 100% dependent on (which is about the stupidest thing anyone has said here and if you don't understand then that means that you, despite whatever education you think you have, are truly ignorant) have been doing such a fantastic and admirable job? If they were the Fannie and Freddie and AIG problems would not even exist. Whoever those guys were in charge (in the govt and otherwise) are looking like big stupid idiots, as well as pretty rotten crooks, despite all their "complex and sophisticated worldview[s] and critical mind[s]" and "education". Yeah, how did that work out so well for them?

It's look to me like all the dumb regular people are a lot smarter because they didn't lose their asses playing some stupid pretend games with other people' money. Sure, plenty of people were dumb enough to fall for their trickery and fraud, but that is just because the "elites" took advantage of their wishes to improve themselves and their situations.

And really, because you're anonymous, I feel perfectly free to get pretty nasty with you. You are a complete retarded moron to think that "in order to have the safe and comfy life you do, you are 100% dependent on those of us who have taken the time to learn and better our selves and minds."

The ONLY people I've been 100% dependent on are myself and my partner. We've built this "comfy" life from nothing, using only our own minds and money and hard work as our resources. You are some kind of deluded bigot to think that *you* can take any credit for anyone else's success and good life.

And where do you think all the doctors, lawyers, architects, meteorologists and astronauts come from? An awful lot of them are just "regular folks" too. Or maybe you've just never actually been to anywhere other than your own little delusional world. By the way, I have a college degree, graduated Magna Cum Laude from a regionally prestigious college on a full academic scholarship (tuition, room, board included), so you're really showing your blatant ignorance and contempt by assuming otherwise just because I am not afraid to claim some label like "white trash."

My best advice to you is to get your overblown head out of your uptight ass and look beyond your prejudices and bigotry to see who is really keeping this nation running. A big hint: it's not the "elite" idiots in Washington or New York or on any of the corrupt campuses of our so-called schools of "higher education."

I don't bask in any lack of education. But I do bask in the knowledge that those have thought they were so smart and sophisticated are now being exposed for the corrupt crooks and dummies they really are.

And if you want to continue any discourse here you will have to either put up with being called out as a complete idiot or you might get a little more consideration if you would actually be brave enough to say who you are. I'm just not at all impressed with anonymous cowardly and ignorant comments.

Rae Ann said...

One more thing for the anonymous elitist. Next time your plumbing breaks or your heating system fails, come back an tell me who exactly is 100% dependent upon whom. :-)

Ann said...

Anonymous, most of the chattering class in Washington D.C. would not know how to earn a living for themselves except at the public trough, except at the expense of taxpayers. Most of them could never run a small or large business. Sarah Palin is gutsy and fresh and she cleaned the clocks of the old boy network in Alaska. That's what terrifies all the Washington insiders; if the American public actually figures out that politicians, UNLIKE surgeons, pilots, bricklayers, electricians, farmers, etc., don't have any special career skills (other than self-serving machinations) the public will want to throw the bums out, to cut them down to size. It's way overdue in my opinion. I think Palin's gutsy freshness is a plus for her in government. Congress and its entourage of lobbyists are have not been wearing any clothes for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Most Alaskans are good people, you shallow-minded bitch. They're not all drunks and rednecks.

Rae Ann said...

Ann, thanks for your always wise and insightful comments!

To the 9-23 anonymous, I hope you're calling Mallick a shallow-minded bitch and not me because I don't agree with Mallick at all.