Monday, September 22, 2008

Tennessee Rep's Son Suspected Palin Hacker

Wow, another embarrassment for a Tennessee Democrat. David Kernell, son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis (in the State House, not the US House), is under investigation for the hacking of Palin's personal Yahoo email account. According to WBIR, on Sunday morning FBI agents served a federal search warrant at the Knoxville UT student residence of David Kernell. Apparently, witnesses say Kernell and his friends, who were having a "party," fled the apartment when the FBI agents arrived.

Terry Frank has posted images from Kernell's facebook pages. She also reports that Kernell is a "self-described 'Obamacrat'." Commenters on her blog also suggest that Kernell is closely related to David Plouffe, a campaign manager for Obama, but it looks like any evidence for that claim has been already erased from the Internet, if it ever really existed. Is it just a rumor or a cover-up? We might never know.

There is also some speculation suggesting that Kernell is also known as "Rubico" on the Internet.


Anonymous said...


This piece on astroturfing trail leading to Obama's 'camp' is a bit lengthy, but it is very interesting. When I saw this post, I thought you might find it interesting: similar tactics, similar trail (though, not the same footsteps)...

Rae Ann said...

Thanks! That is interesting, and I wasn't aware of that astroturfing tactic.